1. A term used after "You Suck" meaning that they swallow the cum but they just suck.

2. A stupid comeback after "You Suck" even though they cannot swallow when the dick is inside of their mouth.
Bob: "You suck as this."

Joe: "I may suck but you swallow."
by The Big Sad. December 29, 2022
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A comeback when someone says "You suck"
Guy that's new to fps games: *playing Halo 3 swat and doing better than most of his teammates and the enemy team then some guy thinks he's better just because he's winning by 1 kill* Guy that thinks he's better: You suck! Guy that's new to fps games: You swallow.
by Darksim August 24, 2014
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A Guyanese phrase used as a joke to taunt someone when they want food you have
Friend: Yo can I get a cookie?
Me: I chew, you swallow
Friend: But how am I going to swal-....ugh your mean
by kid_geniusx October 18, 2019
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A diss normally executed by a mother, in which she implies that when you were sperm, she should’ve given head instead of normal sex. Therefore the sperm (you) would never reach the egg and be fertilized and you would never be alive.
Son: “I hate you
Mom: “ I should’ve swallowed you”
by themillennial January 1, 2019
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You are sperm. Sperm is what fertilizes the egg, creating you. When people say this, they're saying your mother should have instead given head, and swallowed the sperm which was cummed in her mouth, instead of having regular sex, and having you. You are that sperm, so if she would have swallowed the sperm, she would have swallowed you. It's basically like saying your dad should have had sex with a condom...if someone tells you this, they're calling you a mistake, and looking down on you as a useless lifeform. It's actually a very clever line if used as an insult.
"You was never shit, your mother should have swallowed you" - Big L in a freestyle session in '98.
by PlatinumBD August 25, 2009
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It is self explanatory, A person who is a waste of life, the value of sperm is indeed wasted daily by hundreds of millions maybe even billions of people a day. It was better off that person in question with unmoral characteristics was not born at all, but rather swallowed by his/her mother.
Person #1- " You know what? All guys are all assholes!"
Person #2- " Not all guys are assholes, maybe some even most but for you to say "all" makes you ignorant. You know what, your mother should have swallowed you. Your mother even admits now that the pull out method and a shot in the eye is better than your attitude and bitterness towards every one.
by The show a.k.a Gio March 5, 2008
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Another way of saying that someone should of been aborted.
The term your mother should have swallowed you is a derogatory insult used as vulgarity that someone uses when greatly hate them.
by superbipolar420 February 16, 2016
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