116 definitions by yorrick hunt

1. that's too bad; deal with it; put up with it; tough luck; tough titty
2. exclamation of triumph when you want to rub someone's nose in it
1. BILL: I just missed out on first prize in the lottery by one number.
OWEN: Suck on it.
2. As you play the winning move in a game of skill or chance against others, you call out, "Suck on it!"
by yorrick hunt January 15, 2008
a cocktail made with gin and vermouth and served with an olive
Am I drinking too many martinis? Last week they found an olive in my urine sample.
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
I asked the guru what was the real meaning of life. He said,"Twenty years with time off for good behavior."
by yorrick hunt January 22, 2008
an alternative action or possibility
I always choose to do what I think is best, therefore I don't really have a choice at all.
by yorrick hunt January 15, 2008
what you accept as true or real
I believe that the sun will rise tomorrow. I cannot NOT believe it no matter how hard I try. This belief is not under my control. None of my beliefs are.
by yorrick hunt January 30, 2008
The ability to cause everything you touch to turn to shit ie. break it, ruin it, bugger it up in some way (the opposite of the Midas Touch where everything you touch turns golden).
Don't lend him anything of value. He's got the Shitters Touch.
by yorrick hunt January 16, 2008
someone to help you out when you are hard up
Nobody wanted to be Theo's cum buddy.
by yorrick hunt June 3, 2008