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A small wooden structure that serves in lieu of a commode, and is found behind houses in Arkansas, Alabama, and other places where people drawl.

The kybo door has a crescent moon carved in it. The purpose of this moon is to provide access for flies.

Inside a kybo is a bench with one or two holes in it. A kybo with a single hole in the bench is called a one-holer. A kybo with two holes in the bench is called a two-holer.

Hanging on the wall inside the kybo is a Sears Roebuck catalog. Or maybe a big tin can full of corn cobs (from which arose the phrase, rough as a cob).

A kybo may have a sheet metal chimney extending above the roof. This is called a fart muffler.

Experienced users visit the kybo at mealtimes, when all the flies gather in the dining room.
There once was a farmer named Clyde
Who went in the kybo and died.
His brother, named Lou,
Went and died in there too.
Now they're interred side-by-side.

Lem 'n' Jake, they was a-sittin' in the kybo, when Jake yells "Dagnab it! I done dropped a nickel down the hole!" Ol' Jake gets up, reaches in his bib overhalls, pulls out a twenty dollar bill, an' tosses it down the hole.

"Hey, Jake," drawls ol' Lem, "Why in tarnation you bin tossin' that twenty down the hole fer?"

An' Jake says, "Well now, ya don't think I'm gonna go down there jest to fetch a nickel, do ya?"
by The Wog Whomper May 01, 2005
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An outhouse. Or any bathroom.

Acronym for:
Bowels Open
After eating those three bean burrito deluxes, I need to get to a Kybo quick
by I made the man January 13, 2019
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An outhouse.

A portable fiberglass commode.

This word arose early in the twentieth century, and is reputed to be an acronym for "Keep Your Bowels Open." The word is universal among Boy Scouts and RAGBRAI bicyclists in Iowa.
If you guys don't wise up, you'll have to clean the kybo.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 19, 2005
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Meaning "keep your butt on." It is a nice way of saying to hold on a minute.
Dino told his mom Bunny to KYBO when she was screaming at him to hurry up
by bmullen November 13, 2005
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The opposite of an Abercrombie model. Pertain in particular to appreance and overall sexiness.
Did you see that fatass over there? He was totally a Kybo, he will probably lose ten dollars to his friend.
by Kentok January 26, 2009
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