Dude's rockin' wranglers!

I been rockin' the Internet since day one, check your self foo!
by miltownkid November 1, 2004
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something / someone can be regarded as "rockin'" if it is / they are as cool as rock (music)
johnny is planning a rockin' party at his house saturday night
by johnny b 090 March 1, 2003
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Wearing something proudly and/or looking good wearing something.
He's really rockin' that new hat of his!
He's really rockin' that new haircut.
by angellife21 March 12, 2010
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1) adj.- sick, awesome
2) v.- to wear(usually in a goofy way)
1) Hey, this party is rockin!
2) I was thinkin bout rockin the aviators and my red pants.
by DoctoRJ December 16, 2004
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To do something in a way you like, or that you approve of
"That girl is really rockin that mullet"
by Mollie January 30, 2005
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1-adj. awesome, sweet
2-adj. sexy, hot, bangin
3-v. to wear
4-v. to pull off something
1-Dude that party was rockin!!
2-dayuum that boy has a rockin bod!
3-for the party ill b rockin my hott little strapless dress
4-dayuum i thought that dress was ugly as hell, but look @ her rockin that thang!
by sexylittlemissthang June 9, 2005
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