Buried body caught on fire then having the bones liquefied to drink
That interred body was nasty
by T-Raw Killa December 3, 2014
The monthly fee paid to an internet service provider. Or maybe just a mis-spelling of internet.
I'm saving valuable beer money by hacking into my neighbour's connection and not paying for interent.
by Azafata777 March 31, 2009
Permanent ADHD-patient, with several brain-deseases, probably caused by the dick-down of a 250 pound, 7´3 foot heavily pigemented gentleman named Tyrone. The natural habitat of the intentional feeder (sugar makes him horny) is the "Neuland Schule Grinzing". His mating-behaviour is equal to the sexual activity of Steppe lemmings. His favourite activity is getting sloppy toppy in someones parents bedrooms. Other synonyms for THE INTER:

"Momo", "ADHS-SCHEIßKIND", "Warter" and last but not least "Der Nicht-rauchende Partyraucher".
Who fed the Inter too much sugar? He is getting head in Tyrones parents bedroom! I think Flavio lured him in using Cookie crumbs.
inter - An inter is someone who runs it down in league or is dogs hit at any game.
umber is such a fucking inter.
by fuck umair September 15, 2019
Football team from Milan. Founded in 1908. Also known as Internazionale. A team about passion, friendship and uncertainty, in good and bad.
Inter beat Milan 3-0.
Inter Rock!
Forza Inter!
by Kros August 26, 2003
A British pop band from the 90s that featured 4 loveable geeks with glasses, bouncing around and playing speedy, feel good pop-punk on their sparkly guitars.
"Going up the Westy to see Inter tonight."
by ilikemike June 28, 2012
A Classy Italian team with the greatest amount of footballing stars in the world. Adriano, Zanetti, Davids, Veron etc.
My Uncle Ahmed-El Gohary likes Inter. He has every right to.
by Adham Hamza December 20, 2004