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Totally Crazy
That broad was full goose bozo.
by I made the man October 04, 2009

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A person who separates you from your money.
Usually a con(fidence) man or other slickster.
I thought she loved me, but she was just a separator. Now she's gone and so is half of my 401K.
by I made the man April 13, 2019

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An outhouse. Or any bathroom.

Acronym for:
Bowels Open
After eating those three bean burrito deluxes, I need to get to a Kybo quick
by I made the man January 13, 2019

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adverb, (schmahz); A cluster-f*ck situation. Total and continual confusion when it should be a simple thing.
Every time I'm supposed to meet up with Debbie somewhere, it always becomes a schmauz.

I went to the DMV to get my driver's license renewed, and it turned out to be a total schmauz.
by I made the man May 11, 2018

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Toilet paper.

See KYBO (an outhouse or bathroom. Stands for Keep Your Bowels Open.)

Also called Kyb Tape.
Hey, we're out of Kybo Tape.

When you at the store, we need more Kyb tape.
by I made the man January 13, 2019

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Military - to be chosen as Supernumary (# 1) at Guard Mount.

By looking sharp and being able to answer military / job related questions presented by The Sergeant of the Guard ('The Man'), the winner not only gets excused from having to perform (tedious) Guard Duty that night, but also is awarded a 3-day pass, and a Letter of Commendation.
Smith, 'I tought your were called for guard duty today. What are you doing here in the barracks?' Did you Make the Man?

Jones, 'Yo dude, I Made the Man again.'
by I made the man May 09, 2018

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Verb -- the act of car prowling -- to find unlocked cars (at night), open the doors, and see what you can get -- mostly from the glove compartment (or 'jockey box').
Rafael and Junior was out jockey boxin' on the boulevard last night. They got themselves some dope shit. Until the heat came up on 'em and did some head thrumpin'.
by I made the man February 21, 2018

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