A definition regarding a girls appearance or singling out personality traits such as cute and funny. Bunnies are usually excessively kind, caring, and understanding to their friends specifically. Even if it hurts themself. They are also loyal, but when pushed, if they do not care about the person, they will not hesitate to push back. Bunnies are the type of person that will give their lunch to their friend when he/she forgets it. Bunnies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The nickname bunny is not ethnically or racially bound. However, this name is usually given to females.

In conclusion, when referring to someone as a bunny, you are referencing their excessive levels of kindness, beauty, and all cute aspects of their personality. Usually used specifically toward the female gender.
Boy: “She’s such a bunny
Girl: *Paying for the next three people in line because she took more than 2 minutes ordering*
by Psyschilic October 29, 2020
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The most adorable creature alive on the planet. Please be kind to them!!!
by Snuzzle The Bunnycorn February 11, 2019
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Let me be your bunny
by Green Mustard December 19, 2022
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a fearsome creature, the Bunny or Bunny rabbit has long sharp front teeth most likely evolved to rip out the throats of unexacting travelers. the bunny is an extremely discredited in its dangerous ways. they are infesting your wild places, forests, mountains, back yards. nobody can see this behavior however, they live under ground. if you see a Bunny RUN. a second glance is not worth your life.
Small child: Awwwwww a bunny!
Well known and knowledgeable adult: RUN JIMMY!!!!

~see gif. to witness the Bunnies insane speed in the chase~
by Randomchao5 November 12, 2019
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Awww look at your bunny!

I know! Isn't my lagamorph cute!
by rarararah April 26, 2010
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A cute nickname to call someone cute, petite and shy. Bunnies are very soft and loving.
"Rosie you're so cute! You're such a sweet bunny."
by LittlePinkPrincess March 31, 2018
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