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A respelling of the word β€œqueer” - used by LGBTQ exclusionists to make fun of queer people. Originally used by Asian queer people.
Queer person: I-
Exclusionists, usually with tr*nny, d*ke, or f*g in their username: omg look at this kweer what a fucking kweer ha ha snowflake that’s a SLUR
Queer person: the fuck?
by SpencerWinchester December 26, 2018
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A homesexual person who wears glasses and likes mustangs
Damn Scott, you're such a kweer.
Stop being such a kweer Julio.
by valtio September 04, 2003
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a 'slur' for a person, usually of the mogai identity, that identifies as part of the lgbt community and ruins its reputation by simply existing.
omg haiz im stargender!!!! i'm kweer and i deserve validation because i'm kin with dead starz! i'm valid and you huns must accept me rawrz
by -john-laurens- August 06, 2018
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what a queer becomes during mardi gras.
ooooo, girrrrrl! der was so many kweers at the mardi gras ball last naht! you know, dey're duh ones dat wear purple sequins awl year.
by violet February 20, 2004
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A nickname for Conner Spellman at White Plains highlands middle school for James and Ryan in Spanish class
Hey,Conner guess wat? YOUR KWEER!!!!
by jaklo March 11, 2005
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A "kweer" is a person who is awesome, crazy and random, usually a scene kid or mosher
kweer1: i liek my eggz scrambled
kweer2: orly? i liek makeup sex
kweer1: hell yeh!
by leigh bee September 28, 2009
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