Someone who will only have sex in their own home.
So, how was the vacation in Hawaii?

It was pretty awesome, except for the fact that my wife is a homesexual.

by Sex Ed January 17, 2007
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Sex with furniture, usually found within someones home.
Does not refer to the number of people involved, see "Furngy", but specifically, someone who enjoys sex with household furniture and items.
Kevin: Briana, why are there stains on the arm of this couch?
Briana: I was feeling a little homesexual last night, sorry.
by BobDoleDestroyerOfWorlds March 6, 2010
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Your a complete homebody u never ever want to leave yo house your attracted to your house
Brother: I don’t wannnnna gooooo
You: Your so homesexual
by BroSD February 5, 2022
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