Julio is a very handsome guy with a kind heart. He will do any and everything to maintain a relationship. If you ever get a Julio never let him go.
Omg Becky Julio is so sweet
by iSuCkBiGcOcKs July 7, 2018
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Omg Julio is so fucking sexy I wanna fuck his big cock
by May 16, 2021
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Julio a type of boy is there for u and never leaves u. He will be there if u need him. Julio is a type of boy that care about u and will make u laugh when u are feeling down. If u get to have a him to ur self “cough cough” girls don’t let him go he will make u laugh and like he will care like he will. I can’t say anymore bc the only words that come up in my brain are caring, cute, nice, and trustful.
Julio’s are nice and caring.
by Unicorn are the best December 1, 2018
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Sexy, hot in bed, big sausage, good in bed
Julio is a name that explains a guy is good at fucking in bed and is very loyal and sweet and carrying and very overprotective but also eats you out like you’ve never imagined and loves cumming inside you to give you all the kids you want and spoils you with love and attention. He is every girls dreams especially the way he fucks too. He is very attractive loves getting his dick sucked as well and also loves rough sex and will love you through thick and thin and will never let you go. Be like Julio.
by Crackheadbobby October 6, 2018
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Usually a cool kid with a huge dick and he usually has sex once a day and is known for the best money shots
I want a Julio in side of me
by Muffbasher June 24, 2017
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Julio is the funny and cool guy in public areas and schools but inside he is a introvert and doesn’t want to do anything. His friends are the only ones keeping him sane with all the problems he has.
“Man he is such a Julio has is sad inside but he is funny on the outside.”
I agree.”
by MAGnUMDONG_ October 20, 2019
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Julio is a boy who can get ladies but doesn’t cheat when with someone. He can be hella annoying that’s be he’s pretending to be happy bc they usually have depression. He doesn’t care abt many people and isn’t scared to die because he’s already dead on the inside
Julio is such a mood
by BigPapiJonny February 24, 2019
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