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It's you dumbass, ya, I know your fucking bored and googling your own name to see definitions. Well heres your definition, LOOK IN A MIRROR
*looks in mirror* oh, its Conner
by Connerdagag May 22, 2019
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Usually a really amazing nice guy. He will probably seem awkward at first, but he's not that bad. He is just the right amount of smart and athletic. A Conner will usually be extremely talented, and all the girls love him, but really humble and never a show-off. He is not perverted and respects girls. He can be really serious and quiet, and really fun and crazy. He will usually have a subtle but hilarious sense of humor. He has the most beautiful smile and it will most likely make your insides melt. Conners are usually so amazing, there is no words to describe them! The word Conner can also be used to describe something or someone so great it's too amazing to put into words. If you know a Conner, get to know him. He is most likely the most amazing guy you will ever meet!
That girl is talking to Conner!
Ooooh jealous!
by iateyourpie December 09, 2012
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has the ability to take someone by the nipples and flip them over their shoulder
conner usually does this in leauge of legends
by SKADINK October 26, 2011
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An amazing boyfriend who will do anything for you, even if you're in a long distance relationship and are currently 7 1/2 hours away. He makes you feel wanted, makes you smile, and makes you feel like a princess. He tells you that he loves you every day, and with each passing day, you know that his love for you is only getting stronger. He is every girl's Prince Charming.
That girl is so lucky to be with Conner.
by kbellxo February 04, 2011
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Funny, tall, nice, and loving. Will give you a nickname the day you meet him. At first you think he's a creeper, but once you get to know him you'll fall in love:.Great hair. Beautiful underneath his cover. Very sarcastic. Has the stupidest best friend in the world. Conner and his best friend are like true brothers. Loves to hold your hand, and hug you. Loves texting you, and constantly tells says i love you. If he wants to know something, he'll make you tell him, so dont tell him how you feel and not explain it, because he will either guess whats on your mind, or make you tell him. All of his friends are man sluts, but all his female friends are sweet. He knows what to look for in a girl. He makes you feel special,and loved. Although he swears a lot, its understandable. Likes heavy music. He has a hard life, and his family is all mixed up. He often gets depressed. Isnt perverted. Conner is truley amazing and would make a perfect best friend or boyfriend. If you have a Conner in your life, you should consider yourself lucky!
Best friend: "I love you man!" *Hugs for a whiiiile*
Conner: "I love you too dude, and i wont ever let you down."
Best friend: "Thanks pal, your beautiful."
by Starrynight24 July 03, 2010
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A hot, sweet, funny, and smart guy. If you have a Conner don't let him go. He is an amazing boyfriend and will never leave your side. He makes you smile and laugh all the time. He is the hottest guy in school.
That guy is being a total Conner right now, I wish I was him.
by Brooke J June 07, 2011
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