LGBTQ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-Gender or Questioning.
The Purple, In The LGBTQ Flag Means " Spirit "
by xxKBUDxx July 14, 2011
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Non-premium, ad-free version of LGBTQ+ service.
the LGBTQ free package only includes 4 labels to choose from (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans) plus 2 hidden easter eggs for new users to discover (Queer/Questioning). Pansexual, intersex and other options can be unlocked through the paid LGBTQ+ subscription, or otherwise through the 'Queer' easter egg.

Benefits of the free version:

- various unlockable NPCs, like Alan Turing, Marcel Proust, Tchaikovsky and Lenin's polyamorous communist girlfriends, Inessa Armand and Nadezhda Krupskaya
- no bonus posters of Marquis de Sade, Rasputin, and Nero, destroyer of Rome, which will only clutter your bedroom and invite criticism & unwanted questions from guests.

- no bonus framed Tumblr fanart of LGBTQ historical figures and therefore

- no need to explain to your Greek relatives why you have a portrait of fanart of Alexander the Great, a controversial Macedonian, hanging up in your bedroom.
- no bonus antique wallpaper of Erich Honecker and Leonid Brezhnev sharing a kiss in 1979, in celebration of the ten-year anniversary of Stonewall

- still lots of kinky fun available for the adventurous at no additional price

Brenda: I'm thinking of upgrading my subscription plan from LGBTQ to LGBTQ+.
Riley: No need Brenda, I already bought the bootlegged version when I was travelling *wink*

Kid at the supermarket: Mum, can we get LGBTQ+?

Kid's mum: No, we have LGBTQ at home already.

Kid: But I want LGBTQ+.

Kid's mum: Be quiet and go read some Elsa x Anna fanfiction instead.
by existential dread January 10, 2022
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do you support LGBTQ?
it's so gay bruh
by Chad of words December 7, 2021
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A delicious sandwich containing Lettuce, guacamole, bacon,tomato, and quantum physics.
Hey want to get a LGBTQ?
Fuck no I ain’t gay.
by Alphabet boys December 1, 2021
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L= When

Q=Sus 😳
by 11 year old February 17, 2021
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Let’s get bread today quavo

According to the latest ‘Migos document’
Signed by sir Harvey Latham and DJ Rossco

This bill has been undisputed and is accepted into every country in the worlds laws.
“Your majesty the new migos bill has arrived , lgbtq is now let’s get bread today quavo

“ straight fax nigga”- queen Elizabeth II
by Lord rossco May 25, 2019
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