The only proper response to something that makes absolutely no sense.
1: If all the animals on the equator were capable of flattery, Halloween and Easter would fall on the same day.
2: wat

1: Wow your cock is almost as big as my dad's.
2: wat

1: I accidentially a whole coke bottle
2: You accidentially what?
1: A whole coke bottle
2: wat
by watwat September 4, 2008
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Slang. Indicates confusion or a need for clarification. Statement/question.
1: "lolz Yea sex is great and everything but its way too overrated. Its like o yea i screwed this girl or this guy and i hear it over and over. And all it causes is more drama, not org drama, but more like Maury drama. So yea, im not gonna have sex till i have a gf that lasts for a year."
2: "wat"
by stewpidwhytemayun June 8, 2005
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Wat is the internet troll equivalent to what and is generally used in instances in which what simply does NOT seem to adequately portray the desired level of confusion and general whatthefuckness of the situation.
Guy 1: Hey, Jimmy. Can I ask you a question?

Guy 2 (presumably Jimmy): Yeah?

Guy 1: Has anyone REALLY been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Guy 2: wat?
by Razgriz117 July 22, 2010
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A word, that when perfectly placed, is a powerful ally. It's like saying "What the fuck?" when you are completely and utterly dumbfounded by a concept, idea, or situation.
Reno: this chick looks kinda like brittany
Reno: except brittany is way way waaaaaaay hotter than her
Nev: that chick
Nev: no offense
Nev: but she's fuckin hideous
Reno: dude i know lmao
Nev: jesus
Nev: her face
Reno: brittany is like the hot version of that look
Nev: good god
Nev: dude
Reno: that chicks fugly
Nev: i dont see a hot version of that at all
Reno: lmao
Nev: thats like posting a picture of carrot top and saying someone is the "hot version". there is no possible way to concieve of it.
Reno: i knew a girl who thought carrot top was hott
Nev: wat
by Nevandal September 20, 2008
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Short form of "what". Is usually used by people who's synapses fire at a very slow rate. Can be used by otherwise literate people to convey a state of being utterly flabbergasted.
Nick: So, your cousin is sleeping over tonight.
George: Yeah.
Nick: Is that your cousin in the picture on your Myspace?
George: Yeah.
Nick: She looks pretty cool.
George: Sure, she's cool.
Nick: She's hot, actually.
George: ...
Nick: Can I sleep over tonight?
George: wat
by JulesIsCools January 13, 2009
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What one says when they're devoid of any particular useful words.
Also used for extreme confusion.

A: Make sure you register with DNS correctly by opening CMD and typing ipconfig /registerdns.
B: wat?
by Player72 September 15, 2013
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Thai temple, found all over Thailand. Pronounced 'waht'.
"Let's go see the Emerald Buddha at Wat Pra Kaeo"
by Will January 12, 2005
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