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Red Fusion, a red version of Dr. Pepper, tastes just like it, only its red, it might have a stronger cherry flavor in it, then the original Dr. Pepper
Give me a Red Fusion or a Dr. Pepper, it doesn't matter.
by Saints September 21, 2003
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A very cool song ever made in 85.
One night in Bangkok can make a hard-man tumble.

I'm only watching the game, controlling it. I'll let you watch, only the Queen's wheels will not excite you.

by Saints November 9, 2003
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Sea creatures, that lives in an ocean, lakes, and rivers.
I hate the taste of fish, and I had a nasty experience eating them. A bone was caught in my throat.
by Saints November 9, 2003
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Homework, something that the teacher gave you to spoil your fun when you're at home
Solution; did the homework at school library and handed in the next morning.

Problem solved;
by Saints September 16, 2003
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Best taking Coke ever made, now if Pepsi or Coke would create something more creative, like Grape or Orange Flavored cola. Clear Cola would be even good.
Vanilla Coke is good stuff.
by Saints September 19, 2003
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How anyone eat chitlins? They smell bad before they are cooked, and worst when they are being cooked.
by Saints October 9, 2003
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