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A primitive chordate(although superior to sea squirts) that is built for swimming and most breath underwater with gills and have fins (i.e. dorsal, pectoral, etc.) They usually have scales except lampreys, hagfish, and eels to protect them. Their skeletons can be cartilage or bone and come in a variety of shapes, colors,sizes,diets,habitats,reputations,etc. Some of them are primitive, like lampreys and hagfish, cartilageous, like sharks, skates, and rays, and bony,like tuna, clownfish, etc. Did I say that they are prehistoric and lived before the dinosaurs, were the first vertebrates, and evovled from invertibrate worm chordates.
Thats not a fish, that is a sea squirt larva
by TanooKirby May 24, 2003
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A lagimorph that delivers candy to kids.
I have to admit that I never believed in the Easter Bunny.
by TanooKirby June 5, 2003
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A flying insect in which the females are hellishly annoying in the summer.
by TanooKirby June 2, 2003
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Another way to earn money, customers and employees.
Calvin: Ick! (:P) A bag of vegatables with my happy meal?! Those people are DEFINATELY up to something!

Hobbes: And I used to associate his mother's cooking with Sorry Excuse For Burgers and shark liver mixed with tofu. ;P
by TanooKirby July 5, 2003
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The dumbest shit that think that making people miserable is good when it only makes them look dumber.
The bully gets what he deserves if he gets suspended.
by TanooKirby May 18, 2003
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A creepy animal that thinks he's part of pop culture.
There's more to being a clown than lacking skin pigment.
by TanooKirby June 10, 2003
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