To screw something up or when something isfucked up.
I done jimmy jacked my leg jumpin' off that damn horse. or That whole situation is so Jimmy Jacked, what a bunch of fools.
by Tonya and April October 24, 2005
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Jimmy-jacked is a word for... when you stuck on the middle of sumthin, Amelia Earhart was talkin about this word in the Night At The Museum 2 movie...
A:What the hell??? there are big guys heading over here....
B:OMG, we're jimmy-jacked...
by understandingman May 22, 2009
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An explosion of energy by one usually acquired through sex, football, or other fun-like activities.
I'm excited, no I'm more than excited. I'm jimmy jacked.
by Mitchell-Francis June 05, 2010
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When something has been ruined or fucked up
I dropped my phone yesterday and it smashed. It’s fucking jimmy jacked.
by pollandco May 10, 2018
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