(n) A person who exemplifies the characteristics of either a sociopath or a psychopath.
variation - (adj) - pathy
Genewieve: "Did you hear that Marina was caught on security camera planting weed in Ben's locker just because he took someone else to prom?!"

Binda: "Yeah didn't they break up like a year ago? She's a total path."

Darthur: "It looks like another embarrassment for the former Bush administration with all of the Guantánamo torture spelled out in great detail."

Jimothy: "The Obama administration seems to be not much better. The paths running this country get replaced by other paths, getting secret info from spychopaths, gettin cash from corpopaths and lobbyists, giving orders to warpaths and fearmongers, enjoying every minute of tying up our hands, gagging our mouths and with a sickening pathy grin, bending us --the American people-- over the bedside table.
by AnyLiguistics January 6, 2015
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train line that runs in North Jersey and NYC
by Ugert San February 5, 2005
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A path is someone who is pathetic. "Path" and "pathy" are to "pathetic" as "empath" and "empathy" are to "empathetic".

Not pronounced like "path-ee" but like "puh-thy".
Look at that girl, she's such a path, eating by herself.

Geez, way to bring out the pathy, Karen, telling that sob story to Mr. Jones.
by herpingandderping January 3, 2011
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one who exhibits path-like behaviours.

• “kevin
God, did you hear what kevin said? What a f*cking path. Total drama queen.

Bruh... you are SUCH a path
by big ol’ schlong April 7, 2020
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It is Grey and followed by Geno.
The Path is Grey.
by jre March 18, 2004
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"Omg, did you hear what she just said? That was so path!"
by tropical-tom April 11, 2010
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PATH stands for Pussy And The Hoes
I am going to a party so I will be getting PATH
by STuffour01 August 4, 2011
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