Miata (mx-5) is a light sportscar and also a acronym

M= Miata
I= Is
A= always
T= The
A= Answer
B: What car should i buy

by December 14, 2020
The answer to all problems. I don’t care what you say, Miata is the answer.
Guy 1: I’m looking for a car that’s affordable, reliable, and can fit a family of four.

Guy 2: Miata.

Guy 1: But I said the car needed to-

Guy 2: Miata.
by jotaro123456 October 2, 2020
The world's highest selling 2-seat convertible sports car, as recognized by Guiness World Records. Arguably the best handling car on the road today.
The Miata will kick the pants off just about anything in a curve! Turbocharge it and it'll kick the pants off just about anything no matter where!
by B.L. Zebop December 3, 2003
A)Cheap little 2-seater sports car that can out handle many cars. Even though they may look a little "girly" as a stock car, they can still kick almost anything in the handling field. Also, once tuned, the odds of you losing against one are even better. In addition to this, they are intensely fun to drive.
B) Go-kart on steriods. Fun, fast, little car.
Blake: WHAT!? how did my BMW lose!
Jon: What car were you racing?
Jon: Well there ya go! Those cars are amazing!
by miataman November 6, 2005
underrated extreemly light-weight rwd sports car that will out handle most italian sports cars and street bikes
damn that MIATA just kicked my ass
by fabian June 14, 2003
An affordable 2 seater sports car that handles very well, and that people hate on because they think that their piece of shit mustang could handle like it. And the miata will destroy a mustang if its boosted. Fact. and over 80% of the people who own miatas are males.
mustang owner: Dude.... I didnt tink it was possible..

other dude: what?

mustang owner: that tiny womans car just beat the fastest car in the world.. My mustang

other dude: *punches mustang owner* FUCK YOU I OWN A MIATA.
by Miata are better than mustang February 4, 2011