1.bearing nothing.
2.having received or gained nothing. (same as unrewarded)
3. caring nothing in the hands
He arrived at the party empty-handed.
by dri almighty November 18, 2007
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(commonly referred to as E.H.S.) a serious condition where a person, 21 or over, is at a party and does not have an alcoholic beverage in their hand. The longer this person is left without a drink the more severe the syndrome becomes.
(Two people talking at a house party)
Steve: This party is so fun!
Jen: It sure is! Hey is that Michael over there on the couch?
Steve: Yeah it is! Oh no....it looks like he has a bad case of Empty Hand Syndrome.
Jen: You're right he does. We need to make sure he gets a drink quick!
by Clonnie Klookens September 19, 2013
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