something human beings clearly saw at some point in time but is now extinct
Now museum, now you don't.
by dookeyboy November 14, 2010
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A girl that's nice to look at, but impossible to get remotely intimate with.
Johnny: "Oh hi mark. have you seen that Karen girl?"
Mark: "Well, did you hit her? Anyways, don't even try. She's a total museum."
by guyliner January 19, 2010
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According to Daddy Pig a museum is a place full of interesting things that are very old.
Grandpa is so old we can donate him to the museum.
by Nigga4hire March 18, 2018
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A person who has not had sex in a while is in a museum
Damn, my man i need some girls right now im in a museum.
That dude right there is a museum ass nigga
by Ramtinos May 13, 2015
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When visiting a museum or gallery, you will encounter at least one Museum Nemesis. These are the people that you see over and over again that inconvenience you repeatedly during your visit. You can tell your Museum Nemesis by some of the following traits:

-They will prevent you from seeing displays by getting up close to them, blocking your view
-They often bump into you by stepping backwards without looking. They will rarely apologise or even make eye contact after doing so
-You will never lose them. Even when you think you've lost them, they'll turn up at the next display you wish to look at
-When visiting the museum cafe they will be in front of you in the queue. They will almost certainly take the item you wanted, and it will be the last one

You museum nemesis can often be defeated by an 'accidental' tripping down some stairs. Museum stairs are often made from marble or other very hard stone.
Jim: That stupid bitch got in my way AGAIN!

Bob: Yeah man, that's your Museum Nemesis

Jim: How I get rid of her?

Bob: Trip her down some stairs, that's how I got rid of mine

Jim: You mean that screaming kid you said just fell over?

Bob: That's the one!

Jim: ...Awesome!
by Danno81 June 7, 2010
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The City Museum, located in St. Louis, Missouri, opened in 1997 and is housed in the former International Shoe building.

As far as exhibits go, the museum boasts a "eclectic mixture of children's playground, funhouse, surrealistic pavilion, and architectural marvel." They are all made of recycled industrial materials and visitors of all ages are encouraged to feel, touch, climb on, and play in the various exhibits including but not limited to a skateless skatepark, the enchanted caves, shoelace factory, and world aquarium. The museum consists of 4 floors, the roof, and the outdoor "MonstroCity," a large outdoor playground including a large ballpit with rubber dodgeballs that even adults can play in. Beneath MonstroCity is Cabin Inn, originally the home of Daniel Boone's son and is now a bar and entertainment venue.

The museum attracted over 300,000 visitors in 1999 and over 600,000 in 2007. It has been named one of the "great public spaces" by the Project for Public Spaces and has won other local and international awards as a must-see destination.
John: What can we possibly do tonight where we can find fun and adventure at almost every turn?

Michael: To the City Museum!

Comron: haHA!
by ritahayworthismyboo August 7, 2009
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When monitoring effects of psychotropic substances, a commonly used term for a level that produces a just perceptible effect is "museum level." This is a slightly-over-threshold level which allows public activities (such as viewing paintings in a museum or scenery watching as a passenger in a car) to be entered into without attracting attention.
Person 1: Are you getting the fear? think we better turn back home..
Person 2: No not yet.. Im still cruising on museum level :)
by skeptikalia April 25, 2013
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