Used to express anger, intense disappointment or frustration.
"Pfizer! I should of gotten COVAXIN!”
by TheoDrugs May 2, 2021
Applies to all the people that were fired from Pfizer during their Wyeth merger.
Dude 1 - Hey, you still working it at Pfizer?

Dude 2 - Nah, I got Pfizered in Janurary.
by SCgal June 8, 2009
A corporation that made many drugs that had awful side effects on people. This company is famous for turning patients into human guniea pigs so that the bad side effects they recieve decide if the medicine stays on the market or not.

One of these pills are Paxil a type of medicine that put psychotic and suicidal thoughts into the patients that took it.

Not only Paxil but other drugs such as Asprin which gave people heart problems.
Poor Ashley felt dead inside as she smashed and broke glass windows with her bloody fist because of this new medicine from Pfizer.
by Kamisama May 29, 2005
The company that makes viagra
I phoned pfizer to see if I could buy some viagra
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 3, 2004
Getting your tracking chip installed
Where you at bro?
Check the database, I just got Pfizerized
by Treatmonkey May 11, 2021