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When Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán used the coronavirus crisis as an excuse to come up with an undemocratic act to grab unlimited political power—for example, someone who is spreading false information about the coronavirus could be jailed up to five years.
Under the cover of the Covid-🇭🇺 pandemic, the Orbán government could declare a “state of health emergency” whenever it wanted to crack down on the Opposition.
by Covido April 10, 2021
When employers and factories use the pandemic as an excuse to unfairly terminate workers, or to close the workplaces by offering them zero compensation.
Guesstimate how many migrant workers in the Middle East and in Asia have so far fallen prey to covid exploitation by their unscrupulous employers.
by Covido July 2, 2021
When those without a face mask are swiftly (and sometimes threateningly) escorted out of an event that celebrates the birthday of Christ to protect the well-being of the vaccinated attendees.
At a Christmask party, organized by a pro-Trump alt-right group, the police arrested a dozen-odd “patriots” for improperly or not wearing a mask, and a few others who were caught with a fake vaccine certificate.
by Covido December 4, 2021
When millions of people worldwide have half or part of the face warped by prolonged mask-wearing since the beginning of the pandemic, and as a result are reluctant to take off their masks in public.
With millions of maskformed folks who are fearful of being stared, trillions of foul-mouthed rants (and thousands of violent acts) were avoided (and prevented) in the last two years globally.
by Covido March 22, 2022
When the number of new coronavirus infections or deaths on a given day happens to be the same as the date when the figure was announced—for example, Australia had 14 Covid-19 deaths on August 14.
Are the odds of a nation being covidated higher than the chances of it being hit by an earthquake?
by Covido October 15, 2020
When rare or thought extinct parrots and other birds were spotted during the coronavirus pandemic, when most countries were on lockdown, with air pollution and noise pollution then being at their lowest levels in decades.
If 🐬s were spotted in India’s dirty Ganges River during the lockdown, we’d not be too surprised to witness some Covid-🦜 sightings.
by Covido December 12, 2020
A hoax apparently perpetrated by the president himself to confuse the electorate, and to trick the “deep state” in the hope of gaining sympathy votes—meanwhile, he will stay away from public eyes lest his fake infection might be detected.
That Trump is Covid-19⁺ might not secure him enough votes, so this is why his diehard supporters are entertaining the morbid thought that if he were to go into a comatose state and made a Boris Johnson-like comeback, the odds of his getting re-elected would then be sky-high.
by Covido October 2, 2020