A message you send to the moderators of a site you are banned from, however they never do anything about it.
I sent them an appeal for my ban, but they never did anything.
by kaplopachee April 24, 2017
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Having an emotion, that makes you attractive.
Because she is down to earth and spiritual, that’s why she’s appealing and attractive.
by Mary_R April 9, 2010
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Someone or something that is pleasing, that you enjoy looking at, that makes you want to be around the person. There's just something about the person or object that draws you to it
Tamia: That strawberry cheese cake is appealing

Daniel: Yeah. So are you
by Jonnydontlie May 14, 2012
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Jess: Hey what do u think of that guy?
Lou: oooh.. hes appealing
Jess: Yeah
Lou: Wouldnt say no!!!
by Satan likes men January 26, 2007
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The aesthetic charm of a house when first seen from the road; a home-improvement television program first aired on Home & Garden Television (HGTV).
"Look at that cute little cottage! See how well kept the garden is? See the beautiful swing chair on the porch? That house has great curb appeal!"
by Christine Puff April 13, 2007
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The appeal of a person resulting from their flex. It is essentially the clout derived from showing off expensive material goods in real life and/or posting them on social media.
Alexander has been flexing his new Louis Vuitton fanny pack to up his flex appeal.
Michelle has a lot of flex appeal.
by inflatable dartboard January 28, 2019
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A pernicious mechanism that compels one to want one's ex more than one would if that ex were a complete stranger, platonic friend, or active love interest. While some may attempt to explain ex appeal in terms of nostalgia or fear of change, the phenomenon remains an anomaly, as it could not at any moment in the history of the human race have promoted survival and so should have been squandered by selective pressures hundreds of thousands of years ago.
Brandon: Why are you still hollering at Alexandra? She got mad fat.

Reynold: She's got ex appeal.
by ALFisBACKinPOGform! December 23, 2009
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