Phrase used after reading a fortune cookie. Helpful when wanting to get laid.
"You have very good skills and exceptional talents" in bed.
by Benho July 7, 2004
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Sharing intelligence, typically used by intelligence agencies.
by g2ul October 11, 2020
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Words added to the end of any sentence to make it sound dirty. Works best when no one is expecting it, but always leads to an entertaining conversation. Overuse may cause your friends to pretend they're annoyed, but really they don't know what they'd do without you constantly twisting everything. When used in conjunction with that's what she said it can make class a lot more fun; especially choir because lyrics and vocal excerises are perfect source material. Abbreviated I.B.
Person 1: "She's very talented."
Person 2: "In bed!"

Person 1: "Make it look good!"
Person 2: "In bed!" get the idea
by whohastoknow January 24, 2011
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Words than can be added to the end of any sentence to make an insult worthy of Winston Churchill.
Raam : "This discombobulator has abashed my thermalogical knowledge erudition"
Steve: IN BED!
Pooj: ooooooooo cussssed
by Raam June 14, 2006
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1) To be in a bed.
2) Words added to the end of a sentence (or even better, a fortune cookie!) to make it more... interesting.
Since all his friends were busy, Shawn had to have fun alone. IN BED! See?
by Sarah January 24, 2004
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Also good for using after your mom, your face, and the ever popular your mom's face
Abel: That's stupid
Bevers: Your mom is stupid
ABel: Your face is stupid
Bevers: your mom's face is stupid
abel: your mom's face is bed
by Abel November 26, 2004
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To be in business together.
Okay, you can go tell Jack that we're back in bed together, I'm sure he'll be very happy
by Nickstryker August 14, 2004
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