This person is the strongest person you will ever meet. She is loyal, caring, and tenacious. A real diamond amongst the coal. She is basically born wifey material. She isn't like basic girls who cry for no reason. She is a realist when approaching situations. If you get on her bad side, she will probably cut you off for a bit, but she can never ever stay mad. Just give it time. She is good at getting over the bridge quickly. When she loves, she gives her all and does a lot for her significant other. She is shy at first, and can be awkward but that's only because she doesn't want to make a bad impression. If you catch her being weird, you know she's comfortable. Everyone will first notice her nice, innocent layer, but be good to her and she will express her baddie side. She is approachable, easy to be friends with. Believe me when you've known her for a while she will stick with you no matter what. She can be stubborn, but will ease off her pride for her loved ones. You'd be lucky to come across a girl like Isabella
"Do you know Isabella?"
"Yeah she's really cool!"
by MegaVegasLife May 26, 2016
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Isabella is a beautiful girl. She is sarcastic in all the right ways and has the most amazing laugh. Anybody would be lucky to have her, so if you get her, don't ever let her go. She always smiles and acts goofy, but on the inside shes really insecure and hurting. Something in the past probably hurt her, so she might have trust issues. She probably thinks she isn't good enough, and thinks she will never fit in. Isabella is also a really creative person, like that one friend that's always drawing. If you meet an Isabella, give her a hug.
Isabella is so beautiful.

Yeah, but why does she look so sad?
by blue_girl_heart May 1, 2020
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The epic friend, she is insanely talented and awesome
she is the therapist of the group and she's always super fun to talk to and super easy to talk to
she is like that one person you trust more than your parents

she sadly has some emotional baggage but shes still awesome and if shes ur friend you will hunt down everyone who's ever hurt her

shes normally chill but if you piss her off shes scary as frick
tina: isabella is epic I wish i was like her
everyone else on earth: me too!
by Wissals bestie February 2, 2021
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Isabella is a pretty, energetic, smart, bubbly girl with an awesome personality! Isabellas are usually brunettes though sometimes blond, with hazel eyes that change color. Isabella has a sense of humor that can lighten the mood of a dark situation. Isabellas are usually not "popular" but a lot of people know who she is and has a lot of friends. Isabellas may seem happy and excited on the outside, but they have a sadness inside that they keep hidden. They usually have self-esteem issues but keep them hidden. Usually don't feel comfortable in their own bodies and wish they were skinnier. Isabellas have great taste in music and listen to bands like MCR, P!ATD, SWS, PTV, FIR,FOB, and basically loves all emo music. isabellas are great people to confide in, and will give you great advice. If you have an Isabella in your life, be her friend. You won't regret it.
"Woah who is that girl?"

"That's Isabella! She's my friend"
"I want to get to know her! She looks cool!"
by BellaBanana420 August 22, 2016
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Isabella is the most beautiful girl in the world she is loving,caring , amazing and BEAUTIFUL she is a dude magnets and everyone is jealous of her and she cnt stop smiling
Why is Isabella so hot and I'm not ☹️
by Lillest_rebel February 23, 2017
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There are basically two kinds of Isabellas.

One is them is sensitive and pretends to be doubtful about her skillls. They seem kind, and never make any snide comments. Eventually, they start being petty and insulting your every move. They’re extremley confident about talent in art and/or music, even if they have none. They are also extremley narcissistic and believe themselves to be the most beautiful human being.

The second kind is extremely different. She's very talented but is humble about it. She always looks on the bright side of things and you'll never find her angry or upset without a good reason. She can certainly be inappropriate and dirty minded and with a strange sense of humour but you'll always find yourself laughing along. She's very open minded and keeps a level head, she always see's the best in people and stands by them as long as she can despite it affecting her own life. She has few close friends but everyone likes her, those close friends have been picked by her because she feels comfortable with them, if you get picked you know that you're special and if you were to take advantage of that you would only be hurting yourself.She's very understanding and a great person to be around. She's very extra and dramatic. She’s never involved in much drama, but tries to end it if she is. She also isn’t scared of horror games or films.
Person A: Who’s tHaT?
Person B: That’s Isabella.
by hsjgwausiagssiu April 22, 2019
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Super sexy and hot girl with a charming personality. When you're having a bad day she will always be there for you and turn your frown into a smile. A good friend, loyal, kind-hearted, humorous girl. She is beautiful inside and out. She dates the best boys and whoever dates her just remember that you are probably the luckiest man on Earth. She is also very smart and learns quickly. She gets the best grades at school and has never failed anything. She listens to good music and reads books. Every boy in school has a crush on her. When you meet her at first she is shy, but when you really get to know her she is very outgoing. Isabella is the greatest person you will ever meet. And you will not regret it!
Josh: Hey, have you met Isabella?

Andrew: Nope.
Josh: You gotta meet her. She is the hottest, kindest, girl who isn't very dramatic like anyone else. She also has a great sense of humor.
Andrew: Whew, I gotta meet her. She sounds AMAZING.
by xlouisea June 26, 2013
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