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Isabella is someone special. She's very talented but is humble about it. She always looks on the bright side of things and you'll never find her angry or upset without a good reason. She can certainly be inappropriate and dirty minded and with a strange sense of humour but you'll always find yourself laughing along. She's a born romantic and despite being a slight tomboy she ships everyone and fantasises about her own life.

She's very open minded and keeps a level head, she always see's the best in people and stands by them as long as she can despite it affecting her own life. She has few close friends but everyone likes her, those close friends have been picked by her because she feels comfortable with them, if you get picked you know that you're special and if you were to take advantage of that you would not only be hurting her but yourself.

Isabella's not easily offended but depending on what you do it's not hard to hurt her. She's very understanding and a great person to be around. Despite listening to unknown song artists she keeps up well with music for it's one of her only ways to escape. She loves her family and realises what life would be without them so she goes out of her way to appreciate them. She's very extra. She looks down on fake people for she believes that everyone is unique and you should embrace that quality.

Isabella's not full of herself or self-centred but loves herself. And you will love her.
"I need quality friends"
"You should find yourself an Isabella"
by DreamingPotato December 21, 2017
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Isabella is that type of person that will always be there for you. She is truly beautiful inside and out. Her personality is beyond perfect. She can be mean and rude at most times, but nice and sweet the rest of the times. She is very funny. When your around Isabella, you'll never be frowning. She's always laughing and smiling. You'll never find her truly sad or mad. Her looks are just perfect. She has that look in her eyes that makes you feel comfortable. She is very pretty. Her laugh makes you smile. She isn't a huge dude magnet, but many fall head over heels for her. If you ever meet her, never let her go.
A: "Woah, whose that? She has a great laugh!"
B: "Oh, that's Isabella."
A: "Damn, she's beautiful."
by doglover23455 January 27, 2014
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Isabella is the type of person who makes you feel special when she laughs at your jokes. She is thoughtful and funny. Isabella is one of the strongest girls I know. I love her very much.
Is that super woman?

No,-It's Isabella.
by GLEN COCOooooo December 29, 2012
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Pretty,smart,love-able. She will make u love her in a instant. She is the best girl u can ever meet. Shes very loving and caring. But also can laugh at the wrong times. She is always happy noything can stop her from being her.
Omg! Is tht Isabella?!? I have a super big crush on her!
by collosuscraft February 25, 2015
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Isabella is a very sweet and caring girl. She can usually cheer everyone up and is nice to everybody. Just don't get on her bad side casue then she will turn evil on you.
Woah did u just see Isabella? She's such a nice person!

OMG, Isabella just totally flipped me off!
by FriendlyDuckies December 19, 2012
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Super sexy and hot girl with a charming personality. When you're having a bad day she will always be there for you and turn your frown into a smile. A good friend, loyal, kind-hearted, humorous girl. She is beautiful inside and out. She dates the best boys and whoever dates her just remember that you are probably the luckiest man on Earth. She is also very smart and learns quickly. She gets the best grades at school and has never failed anything. She listens to good music and reads books. Every boy in school has a crush on her. When you meet her at first she is shy, but when you really get to know her she is very outgoing. Isabella is the greatest person you will ever meet. And you will not regret it!
Josh: Hey, have you met Isabella?

Andrew: Nope.
Josh: You gotta meet her. She is the hottest, kindest, girl who isn't very dramatic like anyone else. She also has a great sense of humor.
Andrew: Whew, I gotta meet her. She sounds AMAZING.
by xlouisea June 26, 2013
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Isabella is an amazing, energetic, smart, styling, rocking, funny, gorgeous girl. She laughs at everything, and is almost always smiling. This girl definitly has a temper, but she controls it most of the time. She is a dude magnet. And every guy on this planet is lucky to have her. And she even has a hott name!
"Whoa dude that chik is hott!"

"Of course she is...that's Isabella"
by Lucky guy,:) January 29, 2010
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