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Isabella is that type of person that will always be there for you. She is truly beautiful inside and out. Her personality is beyond perfect. She can be mean and rude at most times, but nice and sweet the rest of the times. She is very funny. When your around Isabella, you'll never be frowning. She's always laughing and smiling. You'll never find her truly sad or mad. Her looks are just perfect. She has that look in her eyes that makes you feel comfortable. She is very pretty. Her laugh makes you smile. She isn't a huge dude magnet, but many fall head over heels for her. If you ever meet her, never let her go.
A: "Woah, whose that? She has a great laugh!"
B: "Oh, that's Isabella."
A: "Damn, she's beautiful."
by doglover23455 January 27, 2014
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Pronounced Is-uh-bel-la. Isabella is a great person. She will do what makes you happy almost always. She hates rude people. She will protect you to the end. If you hate someone, she will hate them too. If Isabella is your friend you are lucky!
Isabella is my best friend.
by ASeriesOfUnfortunateEvents October 23, 2016
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Isabella is the type of person who makes you feel special when she laughs at your jokes. She is thoughtful and funny. Isabella is one of the strongest girls I know. I love her very much.
Is that super woman?

No,-It's Isabella.
by GLEN COCOooooo December 29, 2012
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Well how do I start this, Isabella is one of a kind. She’s such an amazing, thoughtful, smart, energetic, and a very beautiful girl although she denies it. Let me just say that she is like the kindest person in the world, she never leaves anyone out, she’s their for her friends, and she just makes your day. Whenever you need a laugh or a smile on your face, you have to go to Isabella, she can make that happen in a snap. Isabella is a very athletic person as well, she loves sports and especially has a passion for basketball. She doesn’t really get mad often, and if she does it has to be something big that ticked her off. But honestly she’s an amazing listener and a crazy kid. Once you get very close to an Isabella, she is very weird. All in all, Isabella is an amazing friend to have so if you have an Isabella, you better keep her in your life because there’s rarely any like her. Thanks for being an extraordinary friend Isabella, ilyy💞.
A - “Wow, is it just me or did Isabella improve her basketball since 7th grade?”
B - “Isabella loves to eat Chips and Gatorade.”
C - “Omg, Isabella you’re the best, thank you.”
by amosc1122 February 22, 2019
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Pretty,smart,love-able. She will make u love her in a instant. She is the best girl u can ever meet. Shes very loving and caring. But also can laugh at the wrong times. She is always happy noything can stop her from being her.
Omg! Is tht Isabella?!? I have a super big crush on her!
by collosuscraft February 25, 2015
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Isabella is a pretty, energetic, smart, bubbly girl with an awesome personality! Isabellas are usually brunettes though sometimes blond, with hazel eyes that change color. Isabella has a sense of humor that can lighten the mood of a dark situation. Isabellas are usually not "popular" but a lot of people know who she is and has a lot of friends. Isabellas may seem happy and excited on the outside, but they have a sadness inside that they keep hidden. They usually have self-esteem issues but keep them hidden. Usually don't feel comfortable in their own bodies and wish they were skinnier. Isabellas have great taste in music and listen to bands like MCR, P!ATD, SWS, PTV, FIR,FOB, and basically loves all emo music. isabellas are great people to confide in, and will give you great advice. If you have an Isabella in your life, be her friend. You won't regret it.
"Woah who is that girl?"

"That's Isabella! She's my friend"
"I want to get to know her! She looks cool!"
by BellaBanana420 August 22, 2016
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Isabella is a very sweet and caring girl. She can usually cheer everyone up and is nice to everybody. Just don't get on her bad side casue then she will turn evil on you.
Woah did u just see Isabella? She's such a nice person!

OMG, Isabella just totally flipped me off!
by FriendlyDuckies December 19, 2012
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