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A person who steals items from retail stores only to then sell on the streets, usually for a discounted price.
"A booster is a person who jacks from the retailers, then sells it in the hood for dirt cheap resale." - from I Love Boosters! by The Coup
by kr580 August 10, 2008
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Someone who steals for a living. Usually cars, clothing or jewelry.
First guy: "I know she can't afford that purse, she's broke as hell."

Other guy: "She's a booster, I got some Jordans from her the other day."
by burgstyle82 May 07, 2009
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In Modern Warfare 2, a person or group of people who use Tactical Insertions to their advantage, go to a rarely-used place on a map, set the insertions, then continuously kill each other to get a free nuke or a bunch of free headshots. This is considered complete and utter cheating and is commonly rejected by professional players. MW2 pro "Sandy Ravage" has a series on YouTube called Booster Justice which is him killing boosters to no end.
Yo, want to boost?" "No, I don't cheat, you booster.
by SOTE Czar July 27, 2010
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When used in video games,a booster is a player who gains points by unfair means.A booster will usually have another booster with him,or sometimes go into a lobby with a game full of other boosters.The most common ways of boosting involve one player(or one team)standing in one spot the entire game while the other player(or other team)kills them for points.Thus,getting points and leveling up faster without doing any work at all.It would be like doing no work,and getting payed overtime.
Booster 1:Okay,stay there and don't move.

Booster 2:Okay.
Booster 1:*Shoots*
Booster 2:*Dies*
Booster 1:Alright I ranked up.Now you do the same thing.
by Haiso January 05, 2012
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"The booster" is what is left when you get down to the last 2 inches of malt liquor in a 40 ouncer, preferably Olde English 800 (better known as "Eight Ball"). By the time you get down to the booster it is usually warm, which only serves to make an already unpalatable beverage taste even worse. Despite the nastiness of the booster, it must be consumed to avoid ridicule by one's peers.
Hey you donkey, are you gonna drink that booster or are we gonna have to put a skirt on you and buy you a box of tampons?
by The Slow Kid June 05, 2006
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Someone who never buys breakfast, lunch or supper. Or even the odd beer for the fellas.

See Fred White
Mooch. Hey Dwayne, did he pay his bill? No he pulled a Booster.
by Leon Turgeon February 17, 2011
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