used to describe a fantasy basketball or football team which contains at least 4 or 5 players who are currently or constantly injured. Can also be applied to a real sports team.
Damn, that fool has Marcus Camby, Andrei Kirilenko, Emeka Okafor and TJ Ford on his fantasy team, his team injurious as hell.
by J-Smoove January 31, 2006
Damage done to a body part that results in it being broken.
This rash is not an injury.
by Someone June 22, 2004
Pain to the body, commonly caused by ping pong. or other fuckin EXTREME ports !!! yeah dude!
When Devin is getting beat by a better player or when Daniel gets raped by Andrew in ping pong thats and injury
by ioghfsboihbortw January 15, 2007
to contribute more pain to something that has already been damaged
Too add insult to injury the kids laugh at the boy who fell down the steps.
by Gerard Irick October 12, 2010
The typically minor injuries one can experience during a tropical vacation. May include Sunburn, sandal blisters, sand in the eyes, and hangovers.
Mila will always get hurt when she goes to Hawaii. Her first day resort injury is typically sunburn. She usual comes back looking like a crippled lobster.
by Shakesmear May 17, 2022
The act of deliberately inflicting harm on ones own body without suicidal intent or plans of bodily modification (eg. piercing your ears isn't self-injury). Typically self-injury is practiced to block mental pain with physical pain, or to provide the self-injurer with something that they can feel if they are emotionally numb. Common forms of self-injury include cutting with a sharp object such as a razor or a knife, burning (with an open flame, chemicals, a heated object (technically, this is branding, not burning), or friction from rubbing with an object such as a pencil erasor), scratching or scraping, and hitting (whether with ones own hands or another object).
Although it is sometimes misinterpreted as a suicide attempt, self-injury is actually a coping mechanism used to deal with powerful negative feelings and prevent suicide.
by Anonymous Ex-cutter June 21, 2003
A strong attraction to broken bones, sprains, fractures, crutches, wheelchairs, ect. It is NOT the same as a sadist, these people do not cause or wish to cause harm. They're just turned on by it. An injury fetish is usaully harmless.
He looked so sexy after he broke his leg and was in a llc, we were fucking all night.

Just looking at his broken arm made me have an orgasim because I have this huge injury fetish.
by D2BB June 18, 2008