the worse feeling to have is to wake up after hoping to die and thinking that you cant accomplish anything, even the death of yourself
wakes up

wishes to die
cant even do suicide attempt right
by depressedteen004 March 20, 2019
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To perform a Suicide Attempt Drop, you must be playing Flappy Bird. You fall down as close to the bottom of the screen, and then recover. Then you must brag to your friends, even though they probably wouldn't believe you.
"Hey guys! I just did a Suicide Attempt Drop in Flappy Bird and survived for another 20 pipes!"
"The Suicide Attempt Drop is only a myth, Freddy."
by WalterGirlPaige February 10, 2014
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Suicide is killing yourself. It is usually because you hate yourself or you are mad or something bad happened to you. Attempted suicide is when you try to kill yourself but something gets in the way. One way of getting stopped from suicide is that someone convinces you to not do whatever you were planning on doing. This is still attempted suicide. Attempted suicide can still hurt you in ways that aren't like you had expected.
A girl is thinking of cutting open her wrists and killing herself. Her best friends find out by "accidently" reading her diary. Then they tell her everything that would affect their lives if she died and they talked her out of it. Then she is considered a person that has attempted suicide.
by Luvstruckbyjustin January 17, 2015
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