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The greatest non-video game past time on the face of the 3rd planet.
You: dood, lets go play some ping pong, damnit.
by Beanchan April 24, 2005
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The greatest sport on the face of the Earth
Ken- "Did you hear Bill went on a cruise? Sounded like fun"

Charles- "aww man, do you know what he could be doin'? He could be playin' ping pong right now"
by milk king October 02, 2010
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A sexual act involving three people. One person is on all fours while they are fucked in the mouth as well as the ass or vagina. Usually takes place with two men as the ''paddles'' and one woman as the ''ball''. The paddles knock the ball back and forth. The men knock the woman back and forth.

Any combination of males and females can be utilized during this act based on the sexual interests of those partaking. However if a man is the 'ball' the option of a ''paddle'' fucking the vagina is emlininated. In this case only the mouth and anus may be used...unless you're into some crazy shit.
John and Pete ping-ponged the shit out of Laura!
by Don Clark July 26, 2005
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A politically incorrect generic given name for a person of Asian ancestry.
Me: Upon leaving the laundromat, the clerk said, "Sank you most honorable man, come gain wheel soon."

Friend: What was her name?

Me: I don't know, Ping Pong?!?
by Agent Charlie Orange June 03, 2009
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a game for those who want all the excitement and aspects of tennis without moving all that much.

unless you are amazing, then you stand 13 feet from the table and wail away at the ball and by some miracle the thing goes in.
kevin- hey, doug lets go play ping pong all day long so we can be awesome like those guys who can stand 13 feet from the table

doug-yeah ok!
by overkoven December 13, 2007
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