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43 definitions by J-Smoove

A field dealing with curing the diseases of the human body. Usually one who wants to practice madison must first learn biology, then do some courses in pre-madison before taking their Yemcats and then eventually becoming a doctor. A career path chosen by many people from India.
Fob: Do you vaant to study madison?
by J-Smoove June 5, 2006
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Short for "sorry". Can be used to describe anything bad or of poor quality. The word sorr can be used in an existing word to indicate that it is bad -- for example, although saying "Georgia Tech" would just indicate that you are referring to the university, saying "Sorrgia Tech" would refer to the university while indicating that it sucks. A person who is sorr may also be referred to as a sorrhead or sorrface. Actions that are sorr can be described as sorraculous, sorrendipitous, sorr-a-lorr or even astrosorrical. Similar in usage to the words turr or trop.
Man this is like the 3rd straight time you ain't come to the game, you are a straight up sorrhead.

Why would I want Sorris Diaw on my team?

Ain't no way you gonna get me to watch World Cup Sorrcer.

I used to like ESPN before all these terrible anchors started coming on Sorrtscenter.

That motorcycle accident was quite a sorrendipitous turn of events in Ben Sorrthlisberger's career.
by J-Smoove June 18, 2006
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The NBA's Senior Vice President of Player Operations. Known for being a fuckin retard, who thinks committing a hard foul on a big man on a fast break is a worse offense than grabbing another man's nutsack from behind during a game. Name is usually followed by the words "is an idiot".
Wedgie Evans: $10,000 fine

Jerry Stackhouse: 1 game suspension during the NBA Finals

Stu Jackson: idiot
by J-Smoove June 17, 2006
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Character on South Park. Also known as Stan Darsh.
Stan Marsh? More like Stan Darsh! Darrrrrsh!

Oh, Darsh, you want a rematch? You're even stupider than I thought! Darrrrrrrrrrsh!
by J-Smoove June 5, 2006
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Another way of describing a swish in basketball. Opposite of brickasaki.
I was drillin those swishashima's in Vasu's eye all day long.
by J-Smoove May 28, 2006
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A word meaning "gay". Named after the ex-NBA player and newly minted homosexual of the same name.
Why you starin at that guy's ass, you Amaechi or something?
by J-Smoove February 16, 2007
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A delicious Southern delicacy. Usually served roasted like eva, especially during bisexual bridal showers.
by J-Smoove December 3, 2011
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