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A building where people are groped in the halls, teachers don't care if people make out in the halls (or for that matter have sex), and it sucks. It is also half of the training ground for Plano East Senior High School
Losers attend Williams High School and I think the school should burn down!
by Someone February 9, 2005
Bunch of whiny americans who play OFP and complain if they loose a game. Similar to MOD
Man 1: We won tonight!
Man 2: yeh? who against
Man 1: 3 guesses, they whine if they loose
Man 2: ahh RN, should have known
by Someone July 28, 2003
an adjetive describeing someone who spazes out or is up tight
"me" chaill bitch dou u got a pickle up you ass?
by Someone September 26, 2004
Extremley unstable piece of shit UNIX operating system that runs on RISC architecture.
the instability of tru64 is the only reason my dad has a job.
by Someone October 4, 2003
A term used in the martial arts world to describe a martial art based on ridiculous principles, practiced in a ridiculous way, or otherwise grossly ineffective. A play on the words bushido (way of the warrior) and bullshit.

Origin: Most likely www.bullshido.com
Ninjitsu is total bullshido
by Someone March 23, 2005
1. someone slow and retarded
2. someone synonymous with success, highclass, fast paced life
1. i see that turbo kid with his mom in mcdonalds every day, im serious
2. id like to be that turbo's groupie someday
by Someone March 18, 2004
an amazing man who changed the world by creating grunge-a whole new way of living. he is extremely underestimated by many, and formed the band nirvana.
-whos kurt cobain?
-hes that legend who was killed by courtney love
by Someone March 28, 2004