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A building where people are groped in the halls, teachers don't care if people make out in the halls (or for that matter have sex), and it sucks. It is also half of the training ground for Plano East Senior High School
Losers attend Williams High School and I think the school should burn down!
by Someone February 9, 2005
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band leader of moi dix mois, former malice mizer leader, and the producer of schwarz stein.
don't ever forget to put "sama" after mana-sama's name!
by Someone October 28, 2003
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Amy Conant. She was born in America, raised young in Sweden where she become heir to the throne. She lives in America now and controls Sweden. She currently has a woman in Sweden acting as her now She goes by Sylvie...you know, Queen Sylvie.
The Queen of Sweden is not a whore because she does not wear makeup.
by Someone January 20, 2004
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Combination of tired and hyper meaning to be dead tired, yet surprisingly hyper at the same time
It's 3:27 AM and I'm feeling pretty tipered. What about you?
by Someone July 11, 2003
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an amazing man who changed the world by creating grunge-a whole new way of living. he is extremely underestimated by many, and formed the band nirvana.
-whos kurt cobain?
-hes that legend who was killed by courtney love
by Someone March 28, 2004
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To prevent the birth of a baby while having sex...
Becca took the pill so Jeff could enjoy the sex without having the burden of a baby
by Someone March 15, 2004
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The gayest man alive. Will someday marry Mr Burns
Mr Burns: *jumps out of a cake, with nothing but a banner on* Happy Birthday, Mr. smithers!

Smither:*gayly* Mmmmmmmmmm
by Someone August 9, 2004
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