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The act of deliberately inflicting harm on ones own body without suicidal intent or plans of bodily modification (eg. piercing your ears isn't self-injury). Typically self-injury is practiced to block mental pain with physical pain, or to provide the self-injurer with something that they can feel if they are emotionally numb. Common forms of self-injury include cutting with a sharp object such as a razor or a knife, burning (with an open flame, chemicals, a heated object (technically, this is branding, not burning), or friction from rubbing with an object such as a pencil erasor), scratching or scraping, and hitting (whether with ones own hands or another object).
Although it is sometimes misinterpreted as a suicide attempt, self-injury is actually a coping mechanism used to deal with powerful negative feelings and prevent suicide.
by Anonymous Ex-cutter June 21, 2003
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Reasons for self-injury
- self hatred
- Loneliness
- Unable to communicate efficiently to others to relieve mental pain
- emptiness
- depression
- sub concious attention seeking (feeling of wanting to be loved)
- Emotional numbness (hurts self so one can check they can still feel)
- Intense anger to the world
- feeling of helplessness
- tension / stress
- feelings of being out of control of ones life
- check out self mutilation
jane cuts herself threfore jane self-injures/ self harms
by happy now? July 24, 2004
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(see other self-injury definitions.) Commonly abbrieviated as SI. The term "cutter" is sometimes used to define a self-injurer, even though they may injure themselves in other ways. Please note that pulling out hair (Trichotillomania) is NOT self-injury. This is a disorder, common to OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). In addition, piercing yourself for the pleasure of pain is masochistic and is not usually connected to self-injury. Self-injury and masochism are different things.
Wendy claimed she scratched her arm on a rose bush, but I knew that she was a victim of self-injury.
by vaccafoeda2 September 10, 2005
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(1)To harm youself in a way to rid yourself from the pain you may suffer. To cut, bite,hit,and rub are acts of self-injury.(2) To harm yourself in a way to hid from the pain you may suffer inside(mental pain)
To cut your wrist because of depression or deep sadness
by Casey Brewer October 24, 2003
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