A term used to describe any random activities, usually made-up on the fly, that only extremely intoxicated individuals would perform. These events may be small, such as imitating animals, shoving objects inside of random body orifices, dancing naked, and playing penis tag, but they could also be more extreme. The sheer spontaneity of these activities can result in a lot of fun, not to mention the fact that the individual's drunken state will not inhibit him in any way, throwing responsibility and reason out of the window. However, the more extreme inebriation-creations may result in injury and even death.
An example of an extreme inebriation-creation: During night-time, an insanely drunk individual or group of people get in an automobile, hit the nearest highway, freeway, or interstate, push the automobile to its highest speed limit (usually well above 120 miles per hour). After this stage is achieved, the driver will turn off his headlights and let go of the steering wheel. If the driver has even the slightest amount of common sense left in him, he will periodically take control of the steering wheel and turn on the headlights so he/she does not crash and burn. Even so, there is approximatly an 80% chance of assured death for all of the people in the car at the time.

Man 1 "Yo dude, like, what happened last night, did I pass out?"
Man 2 "Naww man you were wildin out, doin all these ridiculous inebriation-creations and shit"
Man 3 "Shit man, thats probably why there were marbles up my ass this morning"
by Stalkingturkey April 10, 2007
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Term used to describe a drunken redhead. Derived when 'East Side Dave' MacDonald (from the Ron and Fez Show on Sirius XM) Kanye'd the Twitter Awards after losing to a lama.
Did that inebriated ginger just storm the stage after losing to a lama?
by calculoaded March 24, 2010
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When a guy has sex with a girl on her period, and after his dick is all bloody, another (or the same) drunk girl sucks his dick.
Last night was crazy! after prom i got an inebriated vampire from these two hoochies!
by cToTheD May 24, 2009
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Often seen in any college photo album, or on a Facebook page, it is the progression of random gang signs, open mouths, and other signs of drunkenness, exponentially increasing as you flip through the album.
"Man, Christie needs to work on her Escalation of Inebriation, her pictures went from a girl flashing someone, to a funeral, and then to something about Barack Obama."
by Sword and Scales November 24, 2008
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The statement of declaration that you are, from this point forward, no longer responsible for anything you say or do since you are hereby wasted.
"After that fourth shot of Jager, I believe it's time to make my Inebriation Proclamation"
by Aubrey Sabala October 27, 2006
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1. A combination of two substances, one of which in ingested by mouth, usually at a bar or other social gatherings, and causes stupor, fatigue, and memory loss. The other is usually burned in a ritualistic way, and takes place in a more private area such as your basement, and at times, your friend's car. The effect of both reality enhancers consumed in succession, may cause an extreme feeling of grandeur, excitement, and even bring out the party mammal in you.

2. Successfully consuming both alcohol, and marijuana.
1. "Tonight, i plan on getting extremely hybrid inebriated!"

2. *sings Ying Yang Twins-Halftime* "stand up and get Hybrid Inebriated!"

3. "Bro, last night i experienced a major state of Hybrid Inebriation!"

4. " I know you don't smoke weed, I know this; but I'm gonna get you hybrid inebriated today, 'cause it's Friday; you ain't got no job... and you ain't got shit to do."
by DWeston November 21, 2011
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