as a result of this statement/utterance/document (usually in legal documents , ...etc)
I hereby resign as president of the class.
I hereby pronounce you man and wife.
by ZheerKhalid(Mr316Dx) February 26, 2016
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When some texts you “here” and you go outside and they’re not there yet and they’re actually nearby but they texted you “here” because they didn’t want to wait for you and now you’re waiting for them.
Did you just “hereby” me?
by Brian Sipe September 13, 2021
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Become the target of an "hereby" declaration that affects you in a negative way against your will.
I got herebied by my landlord that increased my rent by 20%.
by hereby April 9, 2013
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haha ur gae now
im fucking crying right now im not okay
I hereby declare you as gae mate
you're just gae
by ChocoTee February 26, 2019
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