a guy on saturday night live that does a perfect impression of a drunk fat blonde girl that thinks shes sexy. oh common kids, you all know you've run into them.
'i went trick or treating.... but all i got was candy. you know what i really wanted? grilled cheese sandwiches.....a hehh.....meow'
by oOCaityOo December 13, 2003
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A person who cannot control their intake and end up at a baby shower getting plastered, usually followed by slurring and making really stupid comments.
Liza, celeste or Karla are classified as drunk girls
by past sunday you know November 26, 2008
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Girls who primarily go to Illinois State. These specific girls wear dresses out and can often be seen out any night of the week. They are of below average intelligence and probably will believe whatever you tell them. 9 out of 10 times you will be able to hook up with them without even finding out their names or having any kind of communication at all.
Tommy: "Did you see the chick Fox hooked up with last night?"

McCormick:"Yeah man she was a dumb drunk girl"
by Spookywings May 3, 2011
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When a girl who's BAC level reaches too high, she becomes unstable. This may result in a serious of furious attacks of unknown reason. The motions of the attack are generally misguided flailing of hands in the air and occasional kicking. This is known as Drunk Girl Karate.
Guy1: Dude, Kritstin got so drunk last night, she attacked John for no reason!

Guy2: Totally whipped out some drunk girl karate on his ass.
by Sharkman311 September 23, 2009
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Someone you feel the urge to phone, not necessarily for a booty call, when inebriated, usually an ex or anyone else whom you will regret slurring a profession of love to when sobered up again.
by X lu January 12, 2004
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The greatest joke in the world. Send your buddy a link to www.embarrassing.net/images/drunkpartygirls.jpg and let the fun begin.
Oh man, that fucker sent me a link to drunkpartygirls, I'm going to kill him and eat his children.
by b0ner June 25, 2003
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To be so drunk you are laying on the floor SAYING you're ok when you really are about to puke. BUT this does not stop you from chugging your last drink and passing out where you lay. Normally the one who yells the most early on, then 3 drinks later is dunskies.
Man I am totally getting white girl drunk tonight.

*Points to person on floor* You are so White girl drunk.
by Colin Edward Scheidt July 26, 2010
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