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No more fuze, jager make you stop worrying about grenades now
by SerenityXD January 20, 2017
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A man who has a 416-C Carbine, P12 and a knife and will kill your four teammates within 10 seconds of the round and will run out a drop shot you then t-bag your dead body.
J├Ąger is being a cancerous shit and is at the spawnpeak
by Friendly Rook Main August 26, 2018
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Short for J├Ągermeister. Pronounced "yay-ger-my-ster", or simply "yay-ger". A darkly-colored liqeuer (not liquor; yes, there's a difference) with an alcohol content of 35%, or 70 proof. Commonly spelled "Jager" instead of "J├Ąger" due to the fact that typing an umlaut (┬Ę) over the letter A in "J├Ąger" is a pain in the ass for Americans.

J├Ąger is pretty expensive, about 20 dollars for a fifth and 30 dollars for a liter, which is a fifth half again. By comparison, cheap rum with an alcohol content of 40% costs about $17 for a 1.75 liter bottle, more than twice as much as a fifth. If you just want to get drunk, J├Ąger is not for you. If you actually drink for the flavor in addition to the drunkenness, give J├Ąger a try. The taste of J├Ąger is similar to black licorice. The "J├Ąger Bomb", a drink consisting of J├Ąger with Red Bull, is a very popular mixed drink.

If you want to drink in public, J├Ąger is ideal. Pour some J├Ąger into a soda or diet soda bottle. J├Ąger looks almost identical to soda, and thus the dark caramel-colored J├Ąger is perfect for bottles made for caramel-colored sodas such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Diet Coke, or Diet Pepsi.
"I did eight shots of Jager and woke up the next day in a puddle of my own piss."
by Rodney Munch June 26, 2006
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A German word meaning 'hunter'. Most often seen in America on a bottle of J├Ągermeister
Did you see that shot? Hans is a J├Ągermeister. A master hunter.
by Orebenza August 18, 2015
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A delectable drink which will get you smashed off you'r ass.
Damn, did you just see Brockman down that whole bottle of Jager?!?
by Brockman September 06, 2003
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Short for "Jagermeister", this is a drink that originated from Germany as a cough syrup.
I took a shot of jager and I shot my woman down.
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
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A unit of measurement of four kilograms, not associated with the alcoholic beverage: J├Ągermeister. pronounced "Yay-gerr"
Customer: "I'll have a quarter J├Ąger of your finest beef."
Shopkeep: "That'll be a seventeenth J├Ąger of your copper pieces."
by b.stinson July 01, 2011
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