more than one hoochie together in one place
Look at all those hoochies
by Ima lost March 22, 2005
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hot bitches that go to your school usually a little prudey but if ur lucky nuff ull snag some poontang
Damn at the maple grove game where wayzata toasted them maple grove has a hella lotta hoochies specially the cheerleaders but i bet they are all prude
by matt December 4, 2004
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A phrase commonly used to describe an object whose name at the time is not remembered.
Hey bugs... would you hand me that hoochie hoochie over there.
by BugMan August 30, 2006
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a female who appears to match a set of characteristics including: trashy, often inappropriately tight dress (with or without pudge overflowing waistband); eyebrows shaved and penciled back on in dramatic fashion; heavy, mostly monotonic makeup with dark lipstick; large, gaudy, costume-grade jewlery. Frequently accompanied by multiple children from different fathers (see baby-daddy).
"Damn, did you Estela's sister at the sideshow last night? Sportin' a camel toe through her jeans, cornrows, you know she's a straight-up hoochie"
by Jay-dub May 19, 2004
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a young woman who has many casual sexual partners or who dresses or behaves in a sexually provocative way.
"I'm not going to become a hoochie or anything, but I don't know if I'm going to wait for a ring on my finger."
by FUCK THIS WEBSITE October 12, 2019
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A female who dresses up and/or acts in an improper manner in order to gain the attention of males. Also known as a "slut" or "hoe" in some circles. AVOID THESE FEMALES. Unless you have other priorities in mind...
Dude #1: dayummmm, look at that hoochi bro.

Dude #2: ehh...she's aight. i've seen finer specimens.
by PhoneHome14 June 1, 2010
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