The official CTV (a Canadian TV news channel) song for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver sung by an obscure young canuck chick named Nikki Yanofsky. Throughout the two weeks of the games, Vancouverites are spammed with this conglomatrix of notes ad nauseum, more often than the Canadian anthem, which already gets played shitloads of times because we're winning all those Golds. Fuck yeah.
Kelsey's going to hurl if she hears that "I believe" song one more time. I love winning and yay Canada and all, but that song is truly awful and I will be glad when it fades into obscurity.
by Timmehhhhhhh!!1111oneone February 28, 2010
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1.sarcastically saying you believe somthing,
2.actually means: i do not believe you
Eric: I didnt cheat on you!
Nicole:I believe it.
Eric: I DIDNT!
by RoBoDiSeaSe April 1, 2010
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A phrase from the BBC series "Sherlock" explaining that Sherlock Holmes is innocent and not a fraud.
Person 1: "I heard Moriarty is a fake!"
Person 2: "No man, I believe in Sherlock!"
by -SH and JW January 22, 2012
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The religious saying of someone who worships the Lord anyone who proclaims to be a "Scientist" and follows the religion of Science accepting all its dogmas without questions.

The people who put Radium (Ra) in their underwear when Science told them it was healthy.
I’m going to stop farting to stop climate change, I believe in Science

I believe in Science, you also should listen to Bill Gates

I'm getting vaccinated because I believe in Science
by J B10 May 16, 2021
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A much more special way of saying "I believe in you."
It shows true belief and gives the best of support.
Guy 1: I'm gonna run a marathon.
Guy 2: I believe at you.
Guy 1: Thanks, I believe at you too :D
by TheFineLime October 15, 2018
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Slang terminology for peeing on your partner for sexual gratification
Honey, quick -- to the bathtub, I believe I can fly!
by Mr_Krinkle March 26, 2009
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A phrase commonly uttered by those who can't even do algebra.
I believe teh Science is real, the solution to x^2 + 1 = 0 is real, water is real, Fauci = love, Science = love, so Fauci = Science, therefore questioning Fauci makes you an anti-science bigot. Tl;dr I am better than u.
by bobbymcprescott August 9, 2021
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