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Chinese world view also rested heavily on yinyang principles. Yinyang was a philosophical view in Chinese society of a unity of opposites, each representing the greater and lesser of similar concepts, which one found in the universe. An example would be the yinyang representation of husband and wife. Yang are the dominant principles of maleness, the sun, creation, heat, light, Heaven, dominance, and so on. Under yin are the submissive principles of femaleness, the moon, completion, cold, darkness, material forms, submission and etc… This unity of one greater principle over a lesser one moves in cyclical path so that no single one is all dominant. These yinyang principles were part of a larger philosophical view of a cosmos (our universe) that was “self-contained, self-operating, spontaneously generating and perpetually in motion.” The Chinese viewed everything in this cosmos as a series of interrelating objects and forces that worked and “resonated” with one another, creating harmony and order. This proceeded off of the Taoist principles of a natural and unified cosmetic pattern.
Ying Yang Examples:
by Cameron Mulick September 15, 2006
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Another word for vagina when she is Asian.
Abby has a lot of admirers. They all want her some of her ying yang.
by hapycmpr August 20, 2013
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1) the erroneous spelling of yin yang or yin-yang, which is an ancient concept and symbol referring to complementary opposites, such as light/dark, day/night, masculine/feminine, sun/moon. Yin is seen as dark, passive and feminine. Yang is seen as light, active, and masculine.

2) slang term for the anus
1) Crystal wore a ying-yang symbol as a pendant hanging from a chain around her neck, signifying that she lived in complete harmony with the world around her.

2) Blow it out your ying yang, dickhead!
by livzalotz July 01, 2006
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A phonetic mispronunciation of "yīnyáng," or "yin-yang," which is a concept associated with the religious tradition of Taoism and the apparent dichotomies in nature (day/night, male/female, etc.) in association with traditional Chinese medicine.

Use of "ying yang," or "ying-yang," has seemingly allowed the word to take on a kind of "sing-songy" resonance with the additional "ng" sound placed on the end of "yin."

For many, it has become second nature to say "ying yang" instead of "yin yang" because of familial or cultural influences, such as family, friends, and teachers. This may stem from simple ignorance, within certain groups, of Taoism (pronounced Daoism) and other Eastern traditions.
Susie: Hey, I sure like that ying yang tattoo you got there!

Mary: *sigh* It's a yin yang...

Susie: Yeah, ying yang!
by Dr.Dialect November 29, 2011
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A ying-yang is a circular symbol split in half so that each half looks like a sideways tear-drop. The two sides are labeled Ying and Yang. Ying is white with a circle of black in the bulb of its tear and has the point of the tear up. Yang is black with a circle of white in the bulb of its tear, its point is down.
A ying-yang symbolizes the belief that there is two sides to everything. The light without dark, no day without night, happiness without sadness, good without bad, ect..
It also shows that nothing is purely good or bad or so on and so forth. The two pieces on their own are half, together they are whole, and balanced. the Ying side represents good/light/day ( pretty much anything positive) and Yang is pretty much anything negative. Ying, in a ying-yang, is always on the left side.
The twins act just like a ying-yang, one is always causing trouble, and the other is always so nice a sweet.
by Nina April 20, 2005
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