Don't inhibit me, mother fucker.
by Ty July 5, 2003
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Something in your mind that keeps you from doing something that you really want to do/happen. Often the reason why a man won't make a move on a lady, it makes him unconfident and hesitant. The way to get rid of this inhibiton or inhibitions is to drink. That is one of the benfits to alcohol, it makes you more open and free to do what you want.
After a few drinks, Ryan easily made a move on Katy and ended up getting the goodness.
by Pedro December 28, 2004
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To lose your metaphorical restraints and to commit thy self in an idea or action absent of outside influence. To fell strong towards such topic that is a reflection of ones true character.
"Yo dawg, at first I was like that's an exit only orifices but after she let me nursed me into 86in my inhibitions and dropped my forward shields as well as disarming my locked on photon motherfuckin torpedoes and accepted it just being another 'curly tow fun spot' I was opened up to another level of sexual ecstasy. I snapped batches like a garden sprinkler!"
by MWALD October 8, 2011
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The exact emotion you loose when being in a hyper real state, on a moment that the every day constraints of work don't exist.
"He squeezed through a mass of shaking butts and wiggling hips. Sweating bodies in flashy clothes, gleaming in the strobe lights, escaping their everyday joyless lives in an orgy of drinking and ecstatic dancing, losing all their inhibitations in a hyper real state where every day constraints of work don't exist."
by PoloSleor March 6, 2008
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When you say several hilarious things in a row, and the next joke you tell is not really that funny, but your friend busts up because your jokes lowered their laughter inhibition.
Rob: What's the difference between a hooker and a drug dealer?
Daniel: What?
Rob: A hooker can wash her crack and sell it again.
Daniel: Hahahahaha, good one.
Rob: Why does the Easter Bunny hide Easter eggs?
Rob: He doesn't want anyone knowing he's been fucking the chickens!
Daniel: Hahahaha! That's fucked up.
Rob: Ok one more. What is the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?
Daniel: What?
Rob: Snowballs.
Daniel: Hahahhaa that was hilarious.
Rob: No it wasn't, you just have lowered laughter inhibition.
by emlai January 7, 2014
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It is the electrophysiological example of endocannabinoid function in the central nervous system.
You i just smoked a fat ass blunt and it triggerd Depolarization-induced suppression of inhibition in my brain....Coz
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A wholesome story about a mother and son reconnecting!
Guy 1: Yo, brb, gonna go read Shedding Inhibitions.

Guy 2: What?
by someskyrimfan2 May 15, 2023
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