Cannot beat the competition. At times used as a taunt towards an opponent.
D-Jay: Yo, Lil' Blood. Yo toy guns ain't got shit on mah rapid-fire blaster!
Lil' Blood: We'll see about that.
by MazingerZMkII April 6, 2014
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Females that I dislike are not in possession of items or qualities that I find useful or important.
-"Hey, those girls is creepin' up on yo man!"

-"Girl please, bitches ain't got shit!"
by ananane November 15, 2010
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used to express that you are greater and better than somebody else.


used to say that somebody has no chance against you
by C-Webb August 9, 2004
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1. The greatest movie quote of the 21st century

2. The most overused quote by average people since "Kneel before Zod!" from Superman 2. It basically means you are unbeatable since King Kong was considered unbeatable and you are saying even he's not on your level
1. (Denzel as Alonzo) "I'll burn this whole motherfucker down! King Kong ain't got SHIT on me!"

2. (Some average guy on the 'net) You wanna fight me? You can't beat me! King Kong ain't got SHIT on me!
by anonymous March 9, 2006
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A tongue-in-cheek claim that you are bigger than a Russian mob syndicate.
After Theo told his neighborhood friends "King Kong ain't got SHIT on me," he was shot by a hit man hired by the Russian mob. Ironically enough the hit man was King Kong. Theo was deaf.
by Cobo November 8, 2007
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