When you reach the part of sleep deprivation where you start to feel tipsy or even outright inebriated. Regardless of sleep deprivation's severity, you can feel either slightly tipsy or absolutely smashed, or ANYWHERE in between; however, it's generally more severe the further you slip into sleep deprivation. Sleep inebriation is usually in the form of scenes separated by unreasonable emotions such as apathy or sorrow, but can be a constant intoxicating feeling.
Guy2: ...how many have you had today?
Guy1: Meh. Not many.
Guy2: Buh?
Guy3: He's just suffering Sleep Inebriation, let him be until he passes out from being tired.
by dasscheisse July 5, 2011
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An extreme drunken state where power level is over 9,000. Those with Inebriated Invincibility have no fear of death.
1. Rob: "I've got Inebriated Invincibility right now, man. You think I could kill everyone here?"

George: "I think you're drunk, man. Simmer down."
by mbarfiel February 12, 2010
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When you have had to much to drink or smoke or do to much of any drug and you are in a new, higher stage of drunk or high.
“Bro you were sooo half past inebriated lastnight!” “Shut up man i only took 4 xanies
by Noah the nigger November 18, 2017
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The act, or resulting state of mind resulting from the act of a person of legal drinking age providing a person not of legal drinking age with alcohol via taking a big swig of booze and kissing the younger party. This generally occurs in bars, clubs and shows; and is usually between a couple where one person is 21 or older and their significant other is between 18 and 20. Or it happens with a dude who likes to hit on young girls at clubs and with young floozies.
(20 year old woman)-- "No, we'll get caught and I'll get thrown out for drinking underage"
(21 year old man)-- "Seriously? Do you really think that they'll accuse us of mouth-to-mouth inebriation?"

(from one sorority sister to her underage "sister")---"How did you get drunk tonight, didn't they card you?"
(reply) "They did, so I got mouth to mouth inebriated thanks to Becca, she's like the best big eva"
by Dr. Poonjab of the Appalachias November 18, 2011
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One of Peter Griffins many zany caricatures and/or antics. In the episode Peter's Two Dads, he portrays Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown. He's an adorable tramp who wears found clothing and eats out of your garbage can.
Peter Griffin: Hey kids, I'm Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown. I'm an adorable tramp who wears found clothing and eats out of your garbage can.
by Lilparkczar December 18, 2007
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a beliveable yet untrue statement from a speaker, that is drunk with the excitement of their supposed ability to use big words.

an expression used to insult someone to their face about how they like to use big words because they think they are smart. thus using irony to get the sarcastic point across.

Smartass: I think you losers are Munificent abhorritions of society as we know it

Insulter: You are a Sophistical rhetorician inebriated by the exhuberance of his own verbosity!!!

Smartass: HUH?
by Tomcat07 January 10, 2006
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The act of getting drunk too soon before a scheduled drinking event, often caused by excitement for that event.
Pumped for the game tomorrow, they stayed up late and broke into the tailgate booze. Their premature inebriation left them too hung over to cheer the next day.
by Tommy Goggles March 16, 2012
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