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1. (In the music industry)A person who has many roles, among them controlling the recording sessions, coaching and guiding the performers, and supervising the recording, mixing and mastering processes. See also Dr. Dre

2. A plant that grows its own food. See also Autotroph
Guy: Hey man you hear this beat? It was produced by Dr. Dre!
Guy2: Sweet, well did you know that a producer can also be a plant?
Guy: Shut the fuck up dude.
Guy3: Who there pal, I always thought that producers grew drugs!?
Guy: *Sigh*
Guy4: Well I thought producers could be in the film, theater, T.V, radio, and game business!
Guy: Your all right ok? Now lets stop this before this example gets too long.
Guy234: Agreed.
by KMK_ERK October 23, 2006
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A ticker given by british police to drivers of vehicles who are unable to provide relavent documents at the road side. You have to provide your docuements such as driving license to a nominated police station within seven days.
Man, I was driving home last night and the cops busted me and gave me a "producer"
by Michael Bailey May 27, 2004
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One of the most abused and misused terms in the music industry. Every wanna be douche bag who buys an MPC or gets (and by gets I mean pirates) a copy of Propellerheads Reason Software (which is often ignorantly called Reasonz) to make beats thinks that they are a producer. Most of these ass hats don't even deserve to call themselves musicians.
Yo I'm gonna git me da MPC so I can be a producer yo!

No, Dr Dre is a producer; Brendan O'Brien is a producer; you are a no talent ass clown.
by The1andonly January 04, 2008
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Something or someone whos is able to produce.
I fucked ur wife yesterday, youre gonna have more kids.
Damn youre a real producer.
by 666-667 January 01, 2008
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a dude (usually) who sits around in front of a computer and a bunch of music gear (wit maybe a drummer) and makes the recordings that dj's turn into mixes
that producer is workin hard to move up
by klarsun May 16, 2004
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