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A Faggot ass wigger who thinks hes black and wants to fondel jorge with his tounge he want to grow his penis over 1 inch
by Owen March 25, 2004
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A guitar pickup developed by Gibson in the late 1950's. Uses two side by side coils to reduce noise and provides and earthy tone.
I've got a custom Les Paul with three humbuckers in sequence.
by Owen March 23, 2005
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When something is unneccesarily loud.
by Owen November 10, 2003
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a panni(pannias maxias)- derogatory term used to take the piss out of a hated fellow....usually a cross between a pansy and a fanny
shut up you panni bastaaad or i'll kick the dhit outta ye
by Owen January 31, 2005
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Numpty first surfaced on the terraces of west of Scotland football grounds, many many years ago. A player who couldn't hit a cow's arse with a shovel would be a f***ing numpty.
"Awww Jimmy you f************ing numpty!! You couldnae score wi' ma' sister!"
by Owen January 2, 2004
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Player_One: OMFG gf you n00b h4x0r!
Player_Two: Sif I h4x!
by Owen June 18, 2004
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