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Someone who flips the hell out when you use a term that is not the "original" or correct term for something even though any rational person understands exactly what you mean in 99.9% of practical situations.
"Hey, did you try the bottomless clip mutator?"



"It's pretty cool how Doom was so revolutionary putting the player on a 3d plane, which looked awesome."


"Don't be such a terminology nazi Kyle, you know what he means."
by Rod_Jonse December 27, 2011
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The worst thing to happen to "Brasil" ever in the history of sports, the best thing to happen for everyone else who isn't an abhorrent fucktard. Worst team in the history of sporting. Utter destruction.
by Rod_Jonse July 14, 2014
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An electronic genre originating with influential group Throbbing Gristle in 1970's, on their own "Industrial Records".

The genre was created and defined by TG based off a phrase coined by Monte Cazazza, "Industrial Music for Industrial People". Consisting of abrasive lyrics, dissonant and relatively abstract distorted melodies, drum machines/samplers and gratuitous use of delay and other effects, Industrial music often draws upon transgressive and shocking themes while adhering with absolutely no fucking established musical conventions In other words, it is music theory's worst nightmare.

Although first wave Industrial artists are generally considered by Industrial historians to be the only "true" Industrial bands (and even that is sometimes reduced to just TG), the genre gave birth to dozens of genre that generally fall under the umbrella term of "Post-Industrial". This includes the Electro-Industrial genre, comprised of bands such as Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly, the EBM genre (Nitzer Ebb, early Ministry, Front 242, etc.) and the Industrial Metal/Industrial rock genres (later Ministry, Pigface, etc.) just to name a few (the commercially lauded and probably most known post-industrial band, Nine Inch Nails, dabbled in a handful of these genres, but mostly stuck with an Industrial Rock sound in later years).
Industrial-influenced artists pass on a legacy of being agressive, loud and creative, as well as hold some of the most brutal live shows you could ever attend (seriously, if you were in the pit of a show during the VIVIsectVI tour there's a fairly good chance you were either trampled or had ringing in your ears for weeks to come). If you've never listened to Industrial music at all, I suggest you grow a pair and listen to as much as you can.

Except for Ministry's recent album "Relapse" that shit is total fucking garbage and Al is a pathetic shadow of his former self.
by Rod_Jonse January 12, 2013
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Unisex, alternate form of Jonesy. Drummer/percussionist's name.
Jonse procured some fat beats for me the other night.
by Rod_Jonse August 10, 2017
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A larger computer case that is used for holding a motherboard and all it's offspring (VGA, CPU, etc...). Needed to build a higher performance system or PC with huge parts.
"That's a nice computer tower, bro."

"Yeah, I bought it from Newegg."
by Rod_Jonse April 23, 2010
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White, annoying pieces of shit from somewhere around Orange County, or Las Vegas, or Phoenix who always wear tank tops/wifebeaters, exclusively drink Monster energy drinks, advertise Monster on their shitty hats and shirts, drive shitty trucks, listen to bullshit like Hollywood Undead and Skrillex, call themselves a "bro" all the time and somehow are not really "fat", yet their width is longer than their height. They stand around 5'3" on average and think that the Xbox 360 is the only gaming console in existence and that the Gears of War series is "beast". Relatively simple concepts like philosophy, as well as post-7th grader vocabulary such as "relatively" go right over their empty fuckin' heads.
"Bro, dude, bro! You know I'm a bro, right? Fuck man, last night I went to Hollywood Undead, PARTIED, and drank six Monsters! It was BEAST! WOOP WOOP! Fuck fucking shit!"
by Rod_Jonse September 17, 2011
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Informal way of referring to the United States of America, generally used by non-Americans, while most Americans tend to opt for "the US" when speaking to non-Americans.
I flew in from Heathrow Airport to JFK Airport in the states and immediately noticed a dead body outside the terminal.
by Rod_Jonse May 18, 2012
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