Asking the question where it's from, so you know where to take it back for something else..
"Oh this is a great sweater, my friend is looking for one like this, Where did you get it?"

Giver: "Oh we bought it at _________"

"Thanks, I'll tell her to go there and get one..."

<Mental note: Now, i know where to go and return it!>
by Tgif069 December 24, 2009
People use this term to refer to someone who owns their body and look powerful but at the same time they aren’t part of certain gender standards or don’t look like a certain gender at all. If a person uses this term it means they are gender envious of your looks and how your gender is figured out.
Example: Oh my god! You gorgeous, ugh, where did you get your gender?!?
by thatrainyrain February 15, 2022