1. To have sex with a wide (and often indiscriminate) selection of partners. 2. To have sex outside of a supposedly monogamous relationship. 3. To waste time, or to generally screw up a task.
(For 1): You're going to catch something really nasty if you keep fucking around with these sluts.

(For 2): Your boyfriend is so cool, I can't believe you fuck around behind his back.

(For 3): Get back to work, we don't have time to fuck around here!
by Evac156 February 09, 2005
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To not take something seriously, believing the whole thing to be just a joke. It can also be used to describe not putting your full effort into something.
Example 1:

Teacher: All you do is fuck around in my class and break the rules. Don't blame me for your shitty grade.

Example 2:

Person 1: That same fucking cop arrested me again!

Person 2: Well then don't piss him off. I know that guy, and he doesn't fuck around.
by John D. Heisenberg January 05, 2013
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US Slang phr. 1. To mess with or to play around with. 2. To engaged in sexual intercourse with serveral partners at different times.
Don't fuck around with me or I'll kick your ass.

All you do is around with every man you see you whore.
by tnt3d October 22, 2004
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a term of disbelief. to ask for validation of a statement or situation.
"fuck around! you really gonna break up with that fine woman"?
"...yeah man, its just not workin out"
by queen jane January 15, 2009
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Used to express disappointment, disbelief, or general negative feelings in regards to a situation.

(Used often by people who reside in the N.E. MO. area, specifically in or around Kirksville, MO.)
Husband: "I got pulled over on my way home and got a ticket."
Wife: "Fuck around!"
by respect him May 11, 2015
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an affirmation that something is cool, amazing, hardcore or unbelievable...kinda like asking "are you shittin me?" or saying "wow, holy shit dude"or "hell yeah" depending on if it is used as a question or a statement
1. bob:hey the red sox won the world series
billy: fuck around??
Bob: i shit you not dude

2. bob:yo dat party was off da hook yo
Billy: fuck around!! fo' real yo
by alkalinefemale April 16, 2006
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In general, to do everything but the intended purpose of the task planned.

1. An unspecific way of saying one engaged in sexual activity but not necessarily have intercourse, or penetration. To make out and play around, but not fuck.

See mess around.
2. To engage in unproductive activity to avoid doing something more productive. To avoid doing something but keeping yourself busy doing something else.
See malingering
1. "Did you hit it yet?" "Naw, we just fucked around."
2. "I was supposed to do my paper three days ago, but fucked around and ended up turning it in late"
by mr_runabout2 January 31, 2011
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