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Derived from the Brand New song "Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't" (which is a kind of song that should ignite the airways, totally stealth!)

- adj.- the ultimate compliment. used to descibe a person or thing as incredibly great, cool, etc.
1. Jesse Lacey is heaven sent!

2. This coffee is the best that I've ever had. It's heaven sent.
by Carla's face February 24, 2005

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- adj.- meaning awesome, cool, deck
1. Having the shoplifting-off at the mall earned me some major stealth points.

2. His messenger bag looked so stealth with the new band pins that we just put on it.
by Carla's face February 23, 2005

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industry - 1. adj.- used when describing a loser, something stupid, or mainstream. opposite of stealth synonyms- lame, fin

- 2.noun- branch of economy or commercial activity.
He looked so industry when he wore his new spiked necklace that he bought from hot topic.
by Carla's face February 23, 2005

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