a humiliating defeat or failure.
that last game, that was an incineration if i've ever seen one.

yeah, well you only went vegan to impress julie. incineration!
by electric jim August 15, 2004
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It is one thing to 'Roast' someone (to make comedic value, and a different thing to 'burn' someone (not funny). To incinerate is to completely destroy them because of their immoral behaviour
I fucking incinerated them
by LuckyDay😉 August 29, 2017
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A device or facility designed for the incineration (burning) of a substance, most often municipal solid waste (garbage). The systematic use of incinerators was first done in Britain in the 19th century due to increasing waste and spread of disease. Today, German and Swiss technology dominates the world's incinerator plants. Modern waste incinerators use the heat that they produce from the burning to generate electricity and hot water. They are popular in densely populated areas where there is no room available to put trash in landfills. Some concerns with incinerators include the production of dioxins, which are highly toxic. Many environmentalists believe that incinerators have no place in modern society. Others believe that they are important because we cannot recycle all waste and that properly operated incinerators are quite safe.
In countries such as The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and Denmark, most waste is recycled. Whatever is left over is sent to advanced incinerators where heat and electricity is produced.
by nethawk March 2, 2005
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Tupac was incinerated.
by Anonymous December 12, 2003
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to beat someone by alot at a competition.
man, you incinerated that guy. He got incinerated at the tournament.
by electric jim August 15, 2004
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To cremate early, involuntary cremation.
The girl wanted to incinerate the elderly people who bothered her.
by Solid Mantis August 18, 2019
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