To have sex with a booty call you have had sex with before; to sleep with someone you have already slept with.
Yeah, I totally got laid last night, but he wasn't new, he was recycled.
by Tappah January 3, 2007
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when someone breaks bro/ho code and dates someone in the same group of friends -- recycle. reuse. retrain.
Girl A, B, & C = Best Friends Forever

Girl A is in a relationship with Boy
Girl A went from in a relationship to single
5 minutes later..
Girl B is in a relationship with Boy

= Recycled :) Go Green.
by Jerry Springer 143 October 14, 2012
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Way beyond tipsy, drunk, or wasted.
You were totally recycled last night.
by pyius December 11, 2004
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To be scheduled to close one night (off at midnight or later) and then open the next morning (starting around 8-9 am).

This happens in retail when only a few people have open availability and/or are skilled enough/trusted enough to open and close
After closing the concession stand at 12:15 I was recycled to open at 8:15 the next morning... giving me 6 hours of sleep, max.
by Downvoting Victim July 30, 2015
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When a man busts a load into his own mouth and swallows it. This is achieved by aiming your load into your own mouth via any means possible. If you have bad aim then just clean your hand off with your mouth.
The hippie hated being wasteful so he performed a recycler after jacking off and swallowed his own load.
by Mi Yung September 8, 2008
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to take and break down what's already been used and then make it into something else that appears brand new.
it's for you.
by etchasketch January 6, 2004
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Having sex with exes in order to keep your partner count down.
Tarah: Did you hear about Tiela? She's going out with Pablo again.
Alli: No, she's just recycling him until the end of winter. Or until she gets a new boyfriend. Whatever comes first.
by Teerish December 18, 2007
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